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About Muamalat

Invite Blessed Living Communities, Bank Muamalat Campaign #AyoHijrah

Jakarta, 8 October 2018 - PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia Tbk. inviting people to emigrate, especially in terms of banking services through the #AyoHijrah campaign. This campaign was launched on Monday, 8 October 2018 at Muamalat Tower, Jakarta.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bank Muamalat Achmad K. Permana said, the concept of hijrah includes three things, including starting, completing and perfecting (kaffah). This can be started from simple things, not only emigrating to worship but also the use of financial services in accordance with the Shari'a.

"Hijrah has a broad meaning. For those who have not migrated, this campaign can be a momentum to start, and for those who have started to emigrate in order to complete and perfect themselves with the teachings that are in accordance with the Shari'a ". He said.

At this launch, Bank Muamalat also introduced a new name for banking service products by embedding the word "Hijrah". Examples include Hijrah iB Savings, Hijrah Prima iB Savings and Hijrah iB Deposits.

Permana added, the #AyoHijrah campaign was based on the company's aspiration to become the center of the Islamic economic ecosystem in Indonesia. Bank Muamalat wants to contribute to building a halal industry in the country that is aligned with the development of digital technology.

"Opportunities for Islamic banks to grow are still very large. "The majority of Indonesia's population is Muslim and economic growth is also quite good," he added.

In addition, as the first Islamic bank in Indonesia, Bank Muamalat wants to contribute in improving financial literacy and inclusion through this movement. At present Bank Muamalat contributes to a 15% market share of Islamic banks nationally.

Based on data from the Financial Services Authority (OJK), the level of financial literacy in Indonesia in 2016 only reached 29.16%, with the level of Islamic financial literacy awareness in the same year only 8.11%. On the other hand, the Islamic banking market share is currently in the range of 5.7%.

For information, the total network of Bank Muamalat branch offices is 276 with 1.5 million customers. The network is supported by 103 mobile branches and 710 ATMs.

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