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About Muamalat

Bank Muamalat Holds Management Training at 773 Mosques in Pekalongan

Kajen, Pekalongan, April 2, 2018 - As a provider of sharia-based banking finance services PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia Tbk ("Bank Muamalat") continues to focus its business and strengthen access to finance in Islamic institutions such as mosques by providing mosque management training themed "Mosque Management at Digital Age "to 773 mosque administrators spread throughout Pekalongan district. This cooperation was opened by Regent of Pekalongan, H. Asip Kholbihi, SH M.Si and got support from various parties.

The training that will be held in Pekalongan will be delivered by representatives from Jogokariyan Mosque of Yogyakarta, which is a mosque that became the reference of mosque management training in Indonesia which has been proven to have various programs and activities in order to prosper the mosque. In addition to mosque training activities, also signed MoU Haj Partnership between Bank Muamalat with the mosque, where the mosque would then become partners of the Muammalat Hajj Guidance Group (KBIH) Bank Muamalat.

Purnomo B. Soetadi, Director of Bank Muamalat Retail Banking said that as a partner of the mosque, Bank Muamalat continues to innovate to prosper the mosque through several programs, "Bank Muamalat present provide financial solutions for sharia banking as an effort to prosper mosque, prosper mosque closely related to management finance, meanwhile, in general the people who are appointed as mosque administrators do not really understand how to manage finances. This is what drives Bank Muamalat to conduct financial management management training. "
Other programs undertaken in the training activities include the introduction of smart-MASJID applications as a digital tool in receiving donations reporting zakat, infak, alms (ZIS) to the accountable mosque and the more amanah. Bank Muamalat also implement the referral program portion of Hajj, BPJS Employment program for marbot which will be paid its premium for one year. In addition, the fulfillment of mosque needs facilities amounting to Rp77, 3 million, which is part of the CSR activities of Bank Muamalat.

Related to the prosperity of the mosque, Purnomo added "The development of the digital financial era can be said very quickly, Bank Muamalat present provide additional value and the mosque is not only a place of worship or gathering of Muslim communities, but we empower marbots to increase their income by becoming agents of Bank Muamalat , where they can serve the payment of credit, telephone, electricity and train tickets through the Bank Muamalat digital platform. "Close Purnomo.
About PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia Indonesia, Tbk
PT. Bank Muamalat Indonesia, Tbk is a pioneer of sharia banking. Founded on November 1, 1991 and started operations on May 1, 1992 and up to now Bank Muamalat Indonesia continues to maintain its existence. Since its establishment, Bank Muamalat Indonesia continues to innovate by launching superior products. Shar-E Gold Debit Card Bank Muamalat became the first chip card that can be used to transact cost-free in millions of merchants worldwide. The Shar-E Gold Debit Card even won the title of the first Chip-Based Sharia Debit Card in Indonesia by the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) and the newest card has also implemented national standard chip technology (NSICCS) for customer transaction security in accordance with Bank Indonesia regulation.

Until now, Bank Muamalat Indonesia has 338 network service offices throughout Indonesia. Innovation by Bank Muamalat Indonesia continues. Muamalat Mobile service, product launch of Zafirah Proteksi Sejahtera and other product innovation which is part of transformation of Bank Muamalat Indonesia into an Islamic, Modern and Professional Bank.

Currently, Bank Muamalat Indonesia is owned by shareholders of Islamic Development Bank or IDB (32.7%), Boubyan Bank, Kuwait (22.0%), Atwill Holdings Limited, Saudi Arabia (17.9%), National Bank of Kuwait (8.5%), and several other business entities and individuals. Boubyan Bank is owned by National Bank of Kuwait.

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