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About Muamalat
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As a pioneer of sharia banking in Indonesia, Bank Muamalat Indonesia always strives to deliver the best banking experience that is reassuring. To realize these ideals, Bank Muamalat Indonesia adheres to the implementation of best practice of corporate governance as a very priority in running its business. High ethical and accountability standards are implemented by fostering the principles of Good Governance of Sharia Business (GGBS) which refers to the basic spiritual and operational base as the foundation


The implementation of Good Corporate Governance (GCG)

The implementation of Corporate Governance in Bank Muamalat is an integral part of Muamalat Spirit as the spirit and moral foundation to achieve the vision and mission of Bank Muamalat run through devotion and obedience to Allah SWT. This spirit is the basis for business, business and business management at Bank Muamalat. With a high commitment, Bank Muamalat strives to be consistent in implementing and improving the implementation of GCG.



Like Muamalat Spirit which is an integral part of GCG implementation, Transformation step by Bank Management since 2009 is an effort to spur better implementation of corporate governance in Bank Muamalat, while continuing to develop a culture of compliance and increasing awareness of risk Faced.


The core understanding of the spirit Muamalat is the spirit in which there are GCG principles of transparency, accountability, responsibility, professional / independence, fairness and attitudes that are carried out Islamic.


The obligation to implement and submit GCG report to Bank Indonesia has been done by Bank Muamalat continuously with better implementation. This is a manifestation of Bank Muamalat's commitment in implementing Bank Indonesia Regulation (PBI) no. Bank Indonesia Regulation No. 11/33 / PBI / 2009 dated December 7, 2009 and Circular Letter (SE) BI No.12 / 13 / DPbS dated 30 April 2010 on Implementation of Good Corporate Governance for Sharia (BUS) and Sharia (Islamic) 62 and 63 on the Bank's obligation to submit the GCG Implementation Report to Bank Indonesia (BI) and other stakeholders.


In implementing GCG, Bank Muamalat is not only guided by the provisions and regulations governing the implementation of GCG as mentioned above, but also based on internal regulations and other prevailing laws and regulations.