About Muamalat
About Muamalat

Bank Muamalat Supports the Policy of Bank Indonesia Launches Shar-E Debit Card Logged the National Payment Gateway

Jakarta, April 10, 2018 - Housed in Muamalat Tower, PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia Tbk ("Bank Muamalat") today launched the Regular Sharit E-mail card with the National Payment Gateway (GPN) logo. This initiative is a form of support to Bank Indonesia policy to realize the interconnection between switching and interoperability (mutually operational) of the national payment system.

GPN is the official payment system in Indonesia built through a set of rules and mechanisms to integrate various payment channels nationwide. Bank Indonesia officially requires this system to be used by all banks in Indonesia.

With the Debit Shar-E card with the GPN logo, expenditure payments can be made more widely for domestic retail transactions through EDC machines spread across merchants throughout Indonesia. Not only in PRIMA and BERSAMA networks only, GPN cards are also acceptable in ALTO Network and LINK thanks to interconnection services between networks.

"Bank Muamalat as the issuing bank has completed the system development to accommodate transactions using debit card with GPN logo, the card can be used for domestic transaction in all ATM machines owned by Bank Muamalat or ATM and other EDC banks that have been implementing GPN, "said Achmad K. Permana, President Director of Bank Muamalat.

The Muamalat Bank's Shar-E Debit Card is equipped with standard NSICCS (National Standard Indonesian Chip Card Specification) standard chip for transaction security, in addition, debit cards with GPN logo also have 6-digit online PIN and transaction fee free.

Permana added, "We will offer this GPN logo to clients who will open a new savings account or who want to replace the card, using the GPN logo card indirectly we become a successor of Indonesia's sovereign economic power, and Bank Muamalat as sharia bank local will fully support to be part of that sovereignty ", he said.

Bank Muamalat also gradually issued this GPN card starting April 2018, so customers have more debit card options that can be used for safe, convenient and blessing shopping transactions.




About PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia Indonesia, Tbk

Bank Muamalat Indonesia, Tbk is a pioneer of sharia banking. Founded on November 1, 1991 and started operations on May 1, 1992, until now Bank Muamalat Indonesia continues to maintain its existence. Since its establishment, Bank Muamalat Indonesia continues to innovate by launching superior products. Sharit E Bank Debit Card Muamalat became the first chip card that can be used to transact cost-free in millions of merchants worldwide. The Debit Gold Shar-E Card has even earned the title of the first Chip-Based Sharia Debit Card in Indonesia by the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) and the latest output cards have also implemented national standard chip technology (NSICCS) for customer transaction security in accordance with Bank Indonesia provisions.

Until now, Bank Muamalat Indonesia has 338 network service offices throughout Indonesia. Innovation by Bank Muamalat Indonesia continues. Muamalat Mobile service, product launch of Zafirah Proteksi Sejahtera and other product innovation which is part of transformation of Bank Muamalat Indonesia into an Islamic, Modern and Professional Bank.

Currently, Bank Muamalat Indonesia is owned by shareholders of Islamic Development Bank or IDB (32.7%), Boubyan Bank, Kuwait (22.0%), Atwill Holdings Limited, Saudi Arabia (17.9%), National Bank of Kuwait (8.5%), and several other business entities and individuals. Boubyan Bank is owned by National Bank of Kuwait.

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