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About Muamalat

Muamalat Establishes Collaboration on the Utilization of Population Data with the Dukcapil-Kemendagri

JAKARTA, December 28, 2018 - PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia Tbk. ("Bank Muamalat") cooperates with the Directorate General of Population and Civil Registration (Dukcapil) of the Ministry of Home Affairs regarding access to utilization of the Population Identification Number (NIK), population data and electronic KTP.

The signing of the collaboration was held on Friday, December 28, 2018 at Balai Kartini, South Jakarta with Gunawan, Director of Facilitation of Utilization of Population Dukcapil Data and Population Documents of the Ministry of Home Affairs. In addition to Bank Muamalat, there are 7 other financial institutions that have also signed cooperation with the Ministry of Home Affairs Dukcapil.

Bank Muamalat Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Achmad K. Permana said the collaboration was an effort to improve service to customers. Because the bank will be faster and easier in accessing customer data more accurately and comprehensively.

Easy access will accelerate service standards for customers and prevent crime through identity forgery. This will make the data verification process easy and provide convenience for customers.

"In addition to accelerating services for customers, through this collaboration banks can mitigate risk, especially avoiding data falsification and fictitious accounts," he said.

Furthermore, Permana believes that this collaboration is of great benefit to the banking industry that carries the principle of prudence in its business. The neatly arranged population database will make it easier for financial institutions to verify customer data.

There are 3 types of utilization of population data that can be accessed by user institutions. First, aggregate data which includes individual data sets in the form of quantitative data and qualitative data. Second, matching, matching or matching data. Third, access to population data by name, address and NIK.

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