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About Muamalat
About Ayo Hijrah
Since the Grand Launching of the Ayo Hijrah campaign which was held on 8 October 2018 ago, PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia Tbk. more active in inviting people to emigrate, especially in terms of banking services. The following is complete information about the Ayo Hijrah campaign. 



Frequently Asked Question


1. Background #AyoHijrah

Bank Muamalat Indonesia as the first pure sharia bank in Indonesia tried to expand its function, from being limited to sharia banking service providers, becoming the driving agent of the spirit of the people to continually improve themselves towards the teachings of good, perfect and comprehensive Islam. So not only do you emigrate in worship, but also in terms of managing finances.


2. What is meant by #Ayojijrah?

In accordance with the meaning of Hijrah which means to be "better" then #AyoHijrah is a movement that invites all Indonesians together to always improve themselves towards a better thing in everything. Islam is not only a religion that regulates our relationship with the Creator, but also is a way of life so that #AyoHijrah also invites to live according to good Islamic guidance and blessings.


Similarly, through this #AyoHijrah, Bank Muamalat invites the public to migrate in terms of banking services (financial management) by utilizing Islamic banking services for a more blessed life.


3. The purpose of the #AyoHijrah movement

With #AyoHijrah it is hoped that there will be an increase in self-quality, both individually and organizationally, to be increasingly active in implementing Islamic law, especially in the context of Islamic banking services. The goal that Bank Muamalat wants to realize is to equalize the growth of sharia bank customers to be equal to the conditions of the majority Muslim people of Indonesia.


4. What is the #yoHijrah movement?

In general, the #AyoHijrah movement is packaged in activities that encourage people to continue to improve themselves in various fields, especially starting to move to using Islamic banking services for a calmer and blessed life.

Its activities include but are not limited to the following forms:

  • Seminar / education about Sharia banking
  • Open booth at the community center
  • Islamic studies with speakers from among the scholars
  • Empowering mosques as one of the Sharia banking agents


5. Why should the Indonesian people move to Bank Muamalat?

  • Bank Muamalat is the first pure Islamic bank in Indonesia which was established in 1992.
  • Bank Muamalat does not belong to another bank, so that its sharia purity is maintained.
  • Fund management at Bank Muamalat is based on sharia economic principles that are escorted and supervised by the Sharia Supervisory Board.
  • Bank Muamalat has complete financial products and services which are supported by various facilities such as Mobile Banking, Muamalat Internet Banking and ATM and Branch Offices to foreign countries.


6. In line with this #AyoHijrah, Bank Muamalat products also change their name, what are they?

To provide services that are more blessing for customers and the public, our Bank Muamalat products provide new names as follows:


7. What is to be achieved by Bank Muamalat from the #yoHijrah movement?

We aspire to make Bank Muamalat the center of the Sharia Economic Ecosystem and contribute to building a halal industry in Indonesia by utilizing technological developments.


8. Where can the community learn the #AyoHijrah movement along with Bank Muamalat products and programs?

The community can explore the spirit of #AyoHijrah that was initiated by Bank Muamalat through our official social media at: