About Muamalat
About Muamalat

Muamalat Collaboration with 7 Other Banks Launched Indonesia's Sustainable Financial Initiative (IKBI)

Jakarta, May 31, 2018 - PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia Tbk ("Bank Muamalat") along with seven other Banks incorporated in the First Movers on Sustainable Banking (First Movers) launched the Indonesia Sustainable Finance Initiative. The event was also witnessed by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) and the Directorate General of the Ministry of Environment. This initiation is a consistent form of activity that has been started by Muamalat along with seven other banks for two years running.

Beginning in 2015, eight First Movers member banks underwent the First Steps to become Sustainable Bank program initiated by OJK and WWF-Indonesia, in the form of training, socialization and implementation strategy of environmental risk management and social governance within the reach of each Bank the. Through initiatives focused on sustainable finance, IKBI prioritizes channeling finance to higher quality customers by mitigating risks related to environmental and social governance aspects.

Head of Corporate Linkage & Syndication, Resnumurti Wibisono stated, "We hope that IKBI can become a forum for transferring knowledge from financial institutions that have run sustainable finance either through sharing sessions or joint financing programs using syndication mechanism or clubdeal"


Resnu continued, "We want this initiation to mobilize financial services institutions, both banks and non-banks, issuers, and other industrial sectors to participate in sustainable finance which is expected to bring positive impacts to customers, the environment and social governance in Indonesia. "
Also attending the event were Corporate Banking Director of Bank Muamalat, Indra Y. Sugiarto as signator of MoU and IKBI inauguration plaque.

Muamalat itself has collaborated with the palm oil industry that has been proven to contribute to the environment, to assist 10,000 plasma farmers over the past two years. The establishment of IKBI is expected to become a long-term and market-led initiative and become one of the implementation methods that targets the potential business opportunities of sustainable finance

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