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About Muamalat

Prosperous Mosques in the Digital Era Ala Bank Muamalat

Semarang, October 14, 2018 - PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia Tbk (Bank Muamalat) held a mosque management training involving 334 mosques in Semarang, Central Java.

Bank Muamalat Chief Executive Officer Achmad K. Permana said the aim of the training was to prosper the mosque so that its role could be increasingly vital in the midst of society. One of them involves the role of digital technology.

"Therefore, in this mosque training we introduce the Smart Masjid application. We develop this technology as a facility to manage mosque finances in a practical and accountable manner," he said.

This Android-based application will later become a digital tool in receiving donations for zakat, infaq and alms (ZIS) reporting. Besides that, Smart Masjid can be used to campaign for the programs of each mosque.

Along with this training, Bank Muamalat also initiated the formation of the Zakat Collector Unit (UPZ) to provide a legal umbrella to the mosque in collecting zakat.

In this training, Bank Muamalat also explained about the Hajj reference partnership program, the establishment of Muamalat outlets and the BPJS Employment program for marbot. Specifically for the BPJS Employment program, Bank Muamalat will pay the premium for one full year.

The mosque training was held thanks to the collaboration between Bank Muamalat, Semarang City Baznas, Semarang City Government and the Indonesian Mosque Council. This program was awarded as The Best Indonesia '2018 Corporate Social Initiative Award for Social Marketing & CRM category from MIX Marcomm Magazine last August.

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