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Muamalat Bank Utilizes Digital Technology to Pay Zakat

Jakarta, September 7, 2018 - PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia Tbk. ("Bank Muamalat") utilizes digital technology to facilitate customers in paying zakat This innovation makes Bank Muamalat rewarded with the 2018 Baznas Award for a special category of Zakat Payment Services Via Banking Technology.

Bank Muamalat Chief Executive Officer Achmad K. Permana said the company had a variety of innovations aimed at making it easier for people to pay zakat. Among them are utilizing virtual accounts and chatbot applications.

Therefore, he was grateful for Baznas's appreciation for the use of digital technology that Bank Muamalat did. Moreover, Bank Muamalat is the only bank that received the award.

"This means that the hard work plus creativity that we do is not in vain and beneficial to the community. We will continue to innovate and hopefully this award will be a catalyst for the progress of Bank Muamalat in the Islamic banking sector, "he said.

The award was received directly by Permana on Friday, 7 September 2018 at the HM Rasjidi Hall, Ministry of Religion, Central Jakarta.
In addition to providing a menu of payment of Zakat, Infaq and Shadaqah (ZIS) through ATM and mobile banking, the pioneers of Islamic banks in Indonesia are collaborating with Baznas using the @ZakiBaznas chatbot application. This is the first virtual zakat assistant in Indonesia from Baznas through the LINE and Bank Muamalat applications as a virtual account provider bank for ZIS payments in the application.
The Baznas Healthy Home Program is also supported by the provision of Bank Muamalat virtual accounts for 6 branches of Baznas's Healthy Houses throughout Indonesia. Then there is the ZIS One Stop Solution program, which is a bundling product for the acquisition of Baznas and LAZ The collaboration includes the opening of beautiful free accounts, virtual account products and Cash Management System (CMS).

Beautiful accounts provided by Bank Muamalat for provincial and district / city Baznas throughout Indonesia is intended to facilitate the muzakki to remember the destination number of their ZIS payments.

In addition, another point that made Bank Muamalat win the award was the Tabung Kurban program which collaborated with BAZNAS to facilitate donors in performing sacrifice. The method of payment is through Bank Muamalat's virtual account gradually until the funds are sufficient to buy one goat or sheep.

After registering, participants will then get a virtual account number, then can make payments in all branches of Bank Muamalat and all Bank Muamalat electronic channels such as ATMs, Internet Banking and Mobile Banking. Payment can also be made through bank electronic channels other than Bank Muamalat.

The virtual number will be adjusted to each participant's mobile number, so that it will make it easier for participants to remember their victim account number. "We are the first bank to provide innovation in the ease of making sacrifices through gradual payments with virtual accounts," Permana added.

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