About Muamalat
About Muamalat

Cooperate with Baznas, Bank Muamalat Present in Yogyakarta Provide Simultaneous Management Training to 400 Mosques

Yogyakarta, April 8, 2018 - Following the series of Mosque Management Training and the opening of 1,000 mosque accounts in Central Java, PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia Tbk ("Bank Muamalat") held a 3rd Mosque Management Training in Yogyakarta after the success of 300 mosques in Tegal and 773 Mosques in Pekalongan Regency. This time, Bank Muamalat in collaboration with the National Amil Zakat Agency (BAZNAS) and the Yogyakarta City Council of Mosques organized a training entitled "Megah Mosque, Jamaah Indah, Dana Melimpah" and invited 400 Takmir leaders of Yogyakarta city.

Purnomo B. Soetadi, Retail Banking Director of Bank Muamalat stated "Alhamdulillah after Tegal and Pekalongan, now we are present to provide mosque management training in Yogyakarta, the total is now more than 1,000 mosques we provide training. Later will be continued to 3 other cities such as Purwokerto, Sragen and Semarang. This mosque management training is done in accordance with the proposition of Bank Muamalat to develop and prosper the mosque, in early 2018 we focus first in big cities of Central Java, God willing, later on to other provinces.

Jogokariyan Mosque Yogyakarta, still a mosque selected to become a reference training of mosque management in Indonesia which is proven to have a variety of programs and activities in harmony in order to prosper the mosque. In addition, Bank Muamalat provides sharia banking financial solutions as an effort to prosper the mosque. Prospering the mosque is closely linked to the management of financial management, in the meantime, in general the people who are appointed as mosque administrators do not really understand how to manage finances.

Other programs undertaken in the training activities include the introduction of smart-MASJID application as a digital tool in the receipt of donations reporting zakat, infak, alms (ZIS) to the accountable mosque and more amanah, Bank Muamalat also implement BPJS Employment program for marbot to be paid premium for one year which is part of the company's CSR activities.

As a strong institution in the sharia banking segment, Bank Muamalat will also sign MoU on Haj partnership between Bank Muamalat and mosque, where the mosque will become the partner of Hajj referral to Bank Muamalat. Purnomo adds "At our headquarters at Muamalat Tower on the 19th floor, we prepare special services for Hajj and Umrah, where Jema'ah can do free manasik. Jema'ah candidates who plan to withdraw some money while on holy land will be facilitated by the Indonesian menu at each Al Rajhi ATM which is one of the banks with the widest network, any other benefit of spending using debit card Muamalat Bank will benefit 10% discount during are in the holy land ". Purnomo said.

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