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About Muamalat

Bank Muamalat provides free tattoo removal services

Jakarta, May 23, 2019 - PT Bank Muamalat held a free tattoo removal service program at Muamalat Tower headquarters as a form of the #Ayo campaign.


This service is in the form of an ambulance #AyoHijrah which has traveled in various regions for the past 2 years such as Kalimantan, Sumatra and Java in helping tattooed colleagues to emigrate by removing tattoos on their bodies. The #AyoHijrah car was originally an ambulance granted by Bank Muamalat Indonesia to Hidayatulloh in 2017 in the form of an Ambulance, which was then run by the IMS Islamic Medical Service team.


In addition to being a real form of the #AyoHijrah campaign, this program is also part of the socialization and education of Bank Muamalat CSR programs on the pillars of health. Through this free tattoo removal program, it is hoped that it can help the community to migrate in full, especially for those who have tattoos on their bodies. Given the cost of removing tattoos is quite expensive.




For free tattoo removal services carried out at Muamalat Tower headquarters in Jakarta, it starts from May 22 to May 24, 2019. However, this service, God willing, will continue to tour various other regions in Indonesia.


Hopefully Bank Muamalat can continue to provide useful contributions in various aspects for others and for the economic progress of the people. Aameen

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