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About Muamalat

Muamalat will target Priority Customers in Bandung

Bandung, December 13, 2018 - PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia Tbk. ("Bank Muamalat") held a Customer Gathering in Bandung, West Java on Thursday, December 13, 2018. This activity is a series of #AyoHijrah movement campaigns, while strengthening relations with loyal customers in this city.

Bank Muamalat Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Achmad K. Permana said that at present the trend of many people is turning to halal lifestyle. With the #AyoHijrah movement that continues to be intensified, the priority of the company's segment to grow positively applies not only to priority customers, but Bank Muamalat's special Hajj customers also have a large market share.
"The growth of the high-end segment was able to exceed the target we set at the beginning of the year. In this year for a special pilgrimage at Bank Muamalat itself the market share is already at 51%. For Muamalat Prioritas, next year we are targeting to grow 50% more than this year, "he said.
In general, the nominal funds placed by rich customers in Indonesian banks continue to grow. When referring to the data from the Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS), as of August 2018 deposits for the category of Rp500 million and above amounted to more than Rp3,000 trillion, or grew by around 4.9% on an annual basis.
The managed fund of Muamalat Prioritas itself as of the end of November 2018 increased significantly by 155% year on year. To become a priority customer at Bank Muamalat, funds placed at least Rp500 million.
Deeper about Muamalat Prioritas products, if the 2019 target is achieved, it is expected that Muamalat Prioritas's contribution can increase to around 15% of the total portfolio of Bank Muamalat Third Party Funds. At present the contribution of Muamalat Prioritas reaches 10% of the company's total deposits.
In order to achieve this target, these pioneers of Islamic banks in Indonesia opened the Muamalat Prioritas Center in 5 cities, namely Jakarta, Surabaya, Makassar, Medan, and Bandung. In addition, the company continues to improve its services so that more people become customers in accordance with the #AyoHijrah campaign that is being launched.
By becoming a priority customer there are many benefits obtained. These include free airport lounges at a number of domestic airports, free safe deposit boxes and umrah fee discounts to the Holy Land.
On the same occasion a partnership agreement was signed with two institutions namely the Daarut Tauhiid Foundation and the Al Muhajirin Foundation. Daarut Tauhiid was represented by Anwar Sanusi as Deputy Director of the Directorate of Education and Al Muhajirin represented by Ifa Faizah Rohmah as Chair of the Foundation.

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