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Retail Sukuk Sales 011 at Bank Muamalat Increases Drastically


Jakarta, March 27, 2019 - Demand for the purchase of the 011 011 retail sukuk at PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia Tbk has increased. During the offering period that lasted from March 1 to 21 2019 the total sales of Bank Muamalat increased to above 100%.


Bank Muamalat Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Achmad K. Permana said the initial target given by the Ministry of Finance was IDR 300 billion. However, only a week after bidding, the company re-submitted an up size due to high demand.


"The enthusiasm of customers is very high to buy Retail Sukuk through us. "It is evident from the soaring demand in the offering period that we have to submit an up size of Rp100 billion," he said.

Thus, the total sales of 011 Sukuk Retail at Bank Muamalat during the offer were Rp400 billion, up more than 100% compared to the sales of the Retail Series 010 Sukuk last year.


Permana added that the average purchase of Retail 011 Sukuk at Bank Muamalat was IDR 400 million. This figure is far above the minimum nominal purchase of Rp1 million. In addition, the decline in the sukuk order nominal also aims to make this instrument more affordable for the community, especially beginner and millennial investors.

"The minimum purchase for the 011 series is Rp1 million and a maximum of Rp3 billion. "Last year a minimum of IDR 5 million and a maximum of IDR 5 billion," he added.


In addition, there are interesting facts about the distribution of investors. Although retail sukuk investment is still dominated by investors from the West Indonesia region, the number of investors from Eastern Indonesia has also increased significantly. In total, the number of customers who purchased 011 Sukuk Retail was 1,010 customers.


To make sales successful, Bank Muamalat carried out various promotions through social media networks, internet banking, mobile banking and ATMs. Besides that, Bank Muamalat also held a customer gathering with the Ministry of Finance in the city of Mataram, Lombok on March 14, 2019.


For information, this investment instrument is issued with a fixed rate of return of 8.05% per year with a tenor of 3 years. The due date is March 10, 2022. The date of payment of compensation is made every 10th of each month and the first payment will be distributed on May 10, 2019.


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