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About Muamalat

Welcoming the Anniversary, Bank Muamalat Holds a Fun Walk


Jakarta, March 24, 2019 - On May 1, 2019 the upcoming PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia Tbk. ("Bank Muamalat") will commemorate the 27th anniversary of the year. As a series of opening events towards the peak of the milad, Bank Muamalat held a Fun Walk which was attended by thousands of employees in the Jalan Sudirman Car Free Day (CFD) area, Jakarta.


All board of directors and commissioners mingle with employees who all wear purple clothes. The route is 7 kilometers along with a departure point from Taspen Tower, via HI Roundabout to Semanggi Bridge and back to the starting point. Menara Taspen is the location of Bank Muamalat's first headquarters before moving to Muamalat Tower.


Bank Muamalat Chief Executive Officer Achmad K. Permana said that the 27th anniversary of Bank Muamalat was a milestone for the development of Indonesian sharia banking. He hopes that the Islamic banking industry's market share can continue to increase so that it can drive the economy of the people more massively.


"Currently the market share of Islamic banks is only around 6%. We hope that with this multi-year momentum, the market share can be even greater and more people want to emigrate, "he said.


This year's militant Bank Muamalat theme is "Together Stepping, Gaining Blessings". Along the CFD route, Fun Walk participants also conduct environmental clean-up actions along the route. The collected waste will be recycled and used as other valuable items. Permana said, this was in line with the #yoyoijrah movement launched by Bank Muamalat.


"We want to show the public that the migration is as simple as the #yoHijrah campaign that we have planned. "It can be started in a simple way like throwing garbage in its place," he added.


Furthermore, on April 4, 2019 there will be a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity in the form of financial literacy and encouraging and inspiring children in Kampung Pemulung, Koja, North Jakarta. Whereas on the upcoming April 27, 2019 there will also be a Family Day at GOR Simprug, Jakarta, and a series of events will be closed by the celebration at the Muamalat Tower building on May 2, 2019.


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