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About Muamalat

Bank Muamalat won Golden Award in Indonesia Human Capital Award IV - 2018

Jakarta, May 30, 2018 - PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia Tbk ("Bank Muamalat") won Golden Award in the Indonesia Human Capital Award IV - 2018 held by Economic Review Magazine along with other judges from Perbanas Institute, Indonesia-Asia Institute, Indonesian Human Resources Institute (IndHRI), IPMI International Business School, NBO Group, Thomas International, and Ideku Group. The election of Bank Muamalat in this award is a proof of its consistency in maintaining and improving the competence of its human resources as one of its invaluable assets.


The event, entitled "The Indonesian Human Capital Management Competent 2019" (Preparing Indonesia Human Capital Management in Digital and Disruptive Era) focuses on the management of human resource development in the realm of government institutions, state-owned enterprises, BUMDs and TBK companies, and Multinational in the face of postmodern era and digital is increasingly challenging.




Chief Human Capital Officer, Riksa Prakoso stated "It is the responsibility of Bank Muamalat to cultivate human resources according to Shari'a, and Islamic values, Islami, Modern and Professional (IDEAL) including the development of self potential and ability to adapt to the development of the world digital-techno-adaptive, which grows fast and has been entrenched "


Riksa added, "This award is right for us to be grateful, because apart from being an important appreciation for Bank Muamalat as a pioneer of pure Sharia Bank in Indonesia, also become one of the factors that motivate all human resources of Bank Muamalat to continuously improve its competence and quality in providing services , benefits, and added value to society. "




Bank Muamalat Indonesia believes that in a company, Human Capital is one aspect that should be a priority to be maintained and developed. Some of which have been done is through a structured learning program and packaged in the form of creative & digital learning, talent and successor management, employee engagement program and the preparation of cadres through the Management Trainee-MODP Future Leader program, Insha Allah becomes a real step totality Muamalat in human resource development in the future.

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