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About Muamalat

Bank Muamalat Wins Champion Ranking in 2019 Satisfaction, Loyalty and Engagement (SLE) Survey


Starting the beginning of 2019, Bank Muamalat made an achievement by occupying a champion position from the results of the "Satisfaction, Loyalty and Engagement (SLE) 2019" survey held by Marketing Research Indonesia (MRI) in collaboration with Infobank.


The SLE 2019 survey is a measurement of customer satisfaction that not only focuses on aspects of satisfaction, but also in full on overall satisfaction, loyalty and engagement with the aim of measuring the level of customer engagement with the bank and the factors that influence it, where for the Sharia Commercial Bank category there are 4 Banks included in the survey, namely: Bank Muamalat, Bank Syariah Mandiri, BRI Syariah, and BNI Syariah.


The assessment aspects in the 2019 SLE survey cover four main aspects, namely satisfaction, loyalty, engagement, and experience. In aspect satisfaction, which is the level of customer satisfaction the elements include customer service, teller, security, physical and ATM. Furthermore, on the aspects of loyalty the elements of service include retain, repusrchase, and recommendation. Furthermore, on the engagement side the elements are self-confidence, served with fairness, pride, and passion for the bank. And the last aspect of the customer experience aspect is the elements of effectiveness, speed, convenience and fun.




In the subsequent determination of the survey also carried out with quantitative methods through interviews, sampling uses a multistage random sampling method with the selection of respondents in stages (probability sampling). Then the profile of the respondents in this survey consisted of men and women aged 21 to 50 years, originating from upper socio-economic (ABC +), household expenditures of Rp. 2 million / month, having become bank customers for min. 2 years, respondents who have close relatives who work at the Bank are not included in the survey.




This survey was conducted in November, December 2018 with a total sample of 1,603 spread in 7 major cities, namely: Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Semarang, Medan, Makassar and Pekanbaru. Various insights that can be obtained from the SLE survey include factors that influence engagement levels, factors that drive and underlie customer loyalty, classification of satisfaction attributes based on customer perceptions and their performance, all of which are obtained from real customer voice which were explored in focus group discussions.





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