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These Tips Will Make You Succeed in Applying for Financing to Sharia Bank

Having a place to live is a dream for everyone, especially for those who have started their family. But unfortunately most people do not have enough budget to own property such as houses, apartments, or flats. But do not be worry, this condition does not mean that having a place to live is impossible. There is a financing solution from sharia banks that can help you realizing your dream to have a place to live.


One of the financing option is KPR IB from Bank Muamalat Indonesia. The outline of KPR IB is a financing product that will help you to own houses, flats, and apartments including renovation as well as the development and the takeover of mortgages from other banks with two choices of akad which is  the murabaha or mutanaqishah


Financing from KPR IB Muamalat of course is free of riba because it is designed in accordance with the principles of sharia. The installment is fixed until the end of its financing plan based on the agreement with murabahah. Mortgage Financing IB Muamalat has a 9.5% margin in the first two years, and following according the applicable program requirements. The advantages of other KPR IB Muamalat are a low cost down payment ranging from 10%, and a larger financing ceiling. As for the financing period, IB Muamalat Mortgage has a maximum of 15 years in financing period.


How to make your  Muamalat financing proposal successful? In order to make your financing proposal won’t be rejected, make sure you meet all of the conditions well. There are some requirements from the bank to grant your financing proposal, for example the most basic requirement is that you must be at least 21 years old, and an employee or an entrepreneur. For permanent employees, you have to been working at least for 1 year, and 2 years for contract employees with maturity age of 55 years for employees and 60 years for entrepreneur. Other terms, the financing are covered by life insurance. IB Muamalat mortgage has a direct autodebet system from Muamalat saving so that the financing installment become easier.


Finally, the most important tips is to make sure you are not on the troubled financing list. This factor is crucial for financing proposal. So if you want a successful sharia financing, it should be started from yourself. Be the kind of person that responsible, and committed to the decisions you make to keep your name clear because if you are honest and trustworthy then there will be many doors of opportunity open for you. Including a door to make your dream house come true with Islamic Banking IB Bank Muamalat Indonesia mortgage.



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