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Plan Your Umrah and Hajj Saving While You’re Still Young


Hajj and Umrah is a dream of all Muslims, performing Haj is a mandatory service for those who are able to carry it out. As the word of Allah which is written on QS Al-Imran verse 97 which reads:

“Working on Hajj is a human obligation to God, that is, those who are able to travel to the Baitullah.”

The same is stated in QS Al-Baqarah verse 196 which reads:

“And complete the Hajj and Umrah for Allah.”


Based on these two verses, so clearly explained the importance in performing the hajj and umrah if able. Then the question that often arises is the barometer of whether someone able or not to perform the hajj and umrah, the honest answer is actually many people feel able to carry out the worship but stumbled by the problem of bad financial management so that the hajj and umrah only limited mere wishes. On the basis of the current conditions, it is wise for you to begin to manage your financial and better plan the hajj and umrah so that it can be done while you are young and still in the productive age.


To overcome this solution, Bank Mualamat Indonesia, which has been present in Indonesia since 1 November 1991 or 24 Rabi'us Tsani 1412 H, and initiated by the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), Indonesian Muslim Intellectual Association (ICMI) and Muslim businessmen who later received support From the Government of the Republic of Indonesia (link to:  give you iB Muamalat Hajj and Umrah Savings for those of you who want to make the desire to perform hajj and umrah happens.


Since 1999, Bank Muamalat Indonesia has always received trust from the Ministry of Religious Affairs as one of BPS BPIH (Receiving Bank Deposit Charges for Hajj Pilgrimage Organizer). Youhave  no longer need to doubt the professionalism of Bank Muamalat in delivering its customers departing Hajj and Umrah




By opening Tabungan IB Muamalat Haji and Umrah you also get the following benefits:



Your family doesn’t need to carry excessive cash. As the owner of Tabungan Muamalat iB Haji and Umrah, you will get a Shar-E Gold card which you can use transact in all places that accept VISA cards.




Customer funds are managed in a shariah manner so as to provide inner peace in performing the pilgrimage in the holy land.



You can choose the time period and deposit amount, as per the available packages.



It is possible to get bonuses and Hajj souvenir.



Bank online with SISKOHAT Ministry of Religious Affairs to obtain certainty get quota / portion of departure Hajj.



No administration fee or transfer fee to Tabungan IB Muamalat Haji & Umrah account


More bonuses

You will get a variety of exclusive souvenirs and hajj supplies.


More exciting prizes

Earn Bonus on saved deposits and monthly free umrah opportunity (link to:

So, don’t waste your youth, make your Hajj and Umrah happen with Tabungan IB Muamalat Haji and Umrah from Bank Muamalat Indonesia.



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