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Want an Additional Income? Join Gerai Muamalat


Having an additional income has become the desire of many people, especially in the modern era where needs are growing up and the prices of necessities are rising steadily overtime. There are many ways to earn additional income, such as taking other jobs in addition to the main job, opening a small business and investing in a profit-sharing system. These method have their own respective advantages and disadvantages, but the biggest challenge is the division of time between jobs that are the main source of income, and side jobs for the additional income.


Although it might seems easy, but for the time management between the two sources of income isn’t that easy, not to mention some personal business  that also demand your attention. Bank Muamalat Indonesia that has 1,337 units of ATM Muamalat, 120,000 ATM Bersama and ATM Prima, 103 Mobile Cash Branch (mobile branch) and more than 11,000 ATM network in Malaysia through Malaysia electronic Payment (MEPS), providing solutions for those of you who want to have extra income easily through Gerai Muamalat.




Gerai Mualamat from Bank Muamalat Indonesia is a service or facility for bill payment system and other invoices made in cash by the customer at the counter or Payment Point (PP) that has been cooperated with Bank Muamalat. Starting from the Partner Bank, Collecting Agent, to the counter and Payment Point can join Gerai Muamalat (link to: What is Bank Partner, Collecting Agent, and Payment Poin? Here is the explanation.


Bank Partner

Bank Partner is a business entity in the form of PT or CV that has cooperated with Bank Muamalat Indonesia, and acting as coordinator which is an extension of Bank Muamalat Indonesia in conducting each Collecting Agent and Counter. The Bank Partner Responsible to the Bank and has at least 100 Collecting Agent Networks and Counters.


Collecting Agent

Collecting agent is individual or business entity responsible to Bank Partner and Bank acting as coordinator in maintaining both technical and administrative including deposit for each counter.


Payment Point

A counter or payment point is an individual or business entity responsible for conducting payment service or purchase of biller service transactions and the first person to receive customer's complaint information and forward it to Collecting Agent, bank partner, and the bank.


The benefits that you can get by joining Gerai Muamalat among them are no registration administration fee, no deposit settlement balance, self-determine admin fee to customer, flexible deposit, minimum deposit starting from Rp 10 thousand Rupiah, profit sharing, competitive fee scheme, fast deposit with virtual account, equipped with application for monitor counters, easy installation process, ease of transaction with various features, get financing.


Visit for more information about Gerai Muamalat, and join right now if you want to have additional income.



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