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4 steps going home without burden

Eid soon, meaning that the time is going home. What did you first imagine every time you heard the word 'going home'? If what comes across is complicated, troublesome and tired, then you need to read this article. If you run the following 4 simple moves, God willing, your homecoming trip will be safer, more comfortable and more memorable!


1. Immediate Ticket Kick

For those of you who plan to use public transportation, ideally you should buy tickets since long ago when ticket prices are still cheap and there are still many seats. But ... in every trip back and forth there is always a chance for change at the last moment which can be a 'surprise' in itself. For example, it could be that one of the nieces and nephews said that he would not go home, suddenly changed his mind and wanted to join in. Even though the day is nearer, the ticket price is soaring. Hassle, right?

There is absolutely no hassle, if you are a Shar-E Debit Muamalat Card holder! Thanks to special cooperation between Citilink from Bank Muamalat you can get 15% discount on airline tickets for all destinations. Not only that, you also immediately get a discount for purchasing food and baggage by 30%! The conditions are easy: ticket purchase is done through using the code: C0214001270 and payment via Muamalat ATM.


2. Basic Goods Kick

Again, the important moves are controlled by you who are going home by public transportation: managing luggage. Try to have all items packed neatly at the latest 3 days before departure. To avoid being scattered, try also so that everyone carries only 2 suitcases / bags. Choose a wheeled suitcase / bag to save energy, huh! Most importantly: just bring enough cash. As long as the Shar-E Debit Muamalat Card is in the wallet, your cash needs can be met anywhere because the Muamalat ATM network is connected to various leading ATM networks both nationally and internationally. Besides that, the Shar-E Debit Muamalat Card is also accepted at thousands of merchants in Indonesia, so why bother paying cash, just swipe it! Besides being safer, more practical, there are also many attractive promos waiting for every transaction. Check our website here to see the full list.


3. Comfortable Kick

Travel back and forth is done when we are still fasting, so we should prioritize to secure our fasting. Maintain stamina as much as possible, and as much as possible choose the most comfortable conditions to save energy. For you Muamalat Prioritas customers who are going home by plane, airport lounge facilities are free of charge in a number of cities in Indonesia. By waiting at a comfortable airport lounge, you can relax while enjoying entertainment from the television and free wi-fi. Please contact the airport lounge clerk for full information!


4. Safe Kick

Before stepping out of the house, make sure you check and check some of the following: remove the gas hose from the tube, remove the electrical wires from the socket, and make sure all doors and windows are tightly locked. There is no harm in entrusting the house key to the closest neighbor you already know so that he can take action if your home experiences unwanted conditions. In addition, specifically for Muamalat Prioritas Customers can deposit valuable items and documents in Safe Deposit Box. Security is guaranteed through a proven system!


With these 4 moves, God willing, your trip back and forth this year can be more comfortable, safe and memorable. Happy gathering again with your beloved family!




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