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Get a Collection of Stylish Muslim Fashion Here!

Muslim fashion world today has been growing rapidly.  Long gone days muslim clothes and hijab are considered old fashioned. But now muslim clothes and hijab, aside from being an obligation for Muslim women to cover their body, they are also become a fashion trend. Along with the times, more and more muslim fashion designers show their work both inside and outside the country.


As a country with the largest Muslim majority population, the development of muslim fashion is very rapid in Indonesia. There are various types of models and colors of clothing and hijab that can be used by parents, career women, teenagers, and even children. Moreover, the role of digital world is also influencing the progress of muslim fashion. It also indicates that people can easily buy muslim clothes and hijab through offline and online marketplace such as social media and website.         




One of the well-known hijab brands that we often heard is Zoya which is an affordable alternative to muslim clothes for high-quality and up-to-date middle class. Now you can also use the collection of muslim clothes and hijab from Zoya with attractive discount. If you are a customer of Bank Muamalat, you can get a 50% discount for every purchase in all of Zoya outlets! Now the question is how? Well, you only need to shop with any type of Shar-E Debit Muamalat Card with a minimum transaction of IDR 400 thousand rupiah.


Quite easy, isn’t it? So, don't miss it because the promo is only valid until 1st October, 2019. For more information just click here!

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