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Monthly Bill Payment Becoming More Practical with Mobile Banking Bank Muamalat Indonesia

Do you already have a mobile banking service? if you don't, then you should read to the discussion below as your consideration to use the features of Bank Muamalat Mobile Banking for it has much benefits for your transaction needed. So let's refer to the discussion below!

Routines in organizing, paying bills or expenses that are sudden, and conduct banking transactions at the same time can be a time-consuming activity so. With its integrated service features, application Muamalat Mobile from Bank Muamalat Indonesia wants to facilitate Buddy Muamalat in a variety of Islamic banking transactions that are financial or non-financial.

Now, you are able to make the payment of utility bills, buy airtime or pay the phone bill, transportation, pay TV channels, to pay zakat (Zakat, Infaq & shadaqoh), quickly and easily anywhere, every day for 24 hours.

To get started using mobile banking Bank Muamalat Indonesia, pal Muamalat can download the application Muamalat Mobile for smartphones of digital content distribution service Play Store, App Store, BlackBerry World, and the Windows Phone Store. After that you have to make registration / enrollment at an ATM or customer service of Bank Muamalat Indonesia.

How to Conduct Payment Transactions via Mobile Application Muamalat Bank Muamalat Indonesia
Before making payment transactions with mobile banking, make sure Buddy Muamalat own User ID, Password, TIN, and have gotten or mPassCode soft token that is sent via SMS. You can begin the process of payment transactions and other banking transactions in Muamalat Mobile application after having all these requirements:

1. Choose the menu "Transfer" on the application, and then enter the account number and select the name of the destination bank.
2. Enter the amount and select the desired type of transaction. Make sure all the columns are filled and the data entered is correct and complete.
3. Enter the TIN and select "Process" to initiate the payment transaction. Continue to the next stage until the transaction is successful, or you can read more information here. (Link to

Why Use Mobile Banking Bank Muamalat Indonesia?
In addition to ease of transaction, Muamalat Mobile app also features an integrated service that includes information about the location of the ATM / branch, call center 1500016, to update the direction of Qibla, the prayer schedule, as well as the application Hajj and Umrah as other advantages.

Another feature of the strengths Muamalat Mobile application is the transfer of banking transactions can be carried out repeatedly, a feature to record transaction data, and the transfer of evidence that can be directly shared to social media.

Muamalat Mobile applications do not have a monthly administration fee but some certain banking transactions have administrative costs imposed on customers, such as inter-bank transfers (to other banks).

Come enjoy the convenience of conducting transactions with the Islamic banking mobile banking with Bank Muamalat Indonesia only have a savings account and ATM card of Bank Muamalat Indonesia.

You can also get tips on the security of transactions, banking products, banking services, and other information about Bank Muamalat Indonesia on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram  PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia, Tbk or at telephone number 1500016 SalaMuamalat.

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