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5 General Terms which must be known in Islamic Banking Trade - Part 2


Having previously Bank Muamalat Indonesia discusses 5 General Terms should be known in the first part of Islamic Banking Trade . This time, Bank Muamalat Indonesia will discuss further in terms of Islamic banking trade, let's check them one by one!

1. Musharaka
Akad between the two owners of capital or more to unify its capital on a certain business, while the executors could be appointed one of them. Akad is applied to the business / project partly financed by financial institutions, while the rest is financed by the customer. To see a variety of financing products of Bank Muamalat Indonesia Financing information please see here. (Link to 
2. Wadi'ah
The contract between two parties, where the first party entrusts an item to the second party. Financial institutions apply this agreement on a checking account. (Link to: 
3. Ijarah
Akad lease of goods between the two sides, in order to obtain the benefits of goods leased. Akad rent incurred between financial institutions (the owner of the goods) with the customer (lessee) to lease installments which already includes the main installments of the price of goods so that at the end of the agreement period tenants can buy goods with the rest of the price is little or given only by the bank. Therefore, usually is called the Al Ijarah Ijarah Waliqtina 'or Al Ijarah AlMuntahia Bittamliik.
4. Kafalah
Akad guarantee one party to another. In the financial institutions are usually used to make a warranty on a project (performance bond), participation in the tender (tender bond) or the first payment (advance payment bond). Bank Muamalat Indonesia can help customers with a variety of sharia-compliant trade activities, check the complete information Trade Finance here. (Link to:
5. Salam
Sale and purchase by way of reservation, where the buyer gives the money in advance for goods that have been mentioned specifications, and goods shipped later, Salam usually used for agricultural products short term. In this case the financial institution acting as a buyer of products and give the money first while customers use it as capital to manage the farm.
Similarly, a brief explanation of common terms on trade in Islamic banking, Bank Muamalat Indonesia Tbk, hopefully with the explanations add to their repertoire or repertory vocabulary Indonesian Society needs help in performing activities of daily Islamic banking. To obtain Banking Education, you can review more on Banking Education page (link to: Get other information about Bank Muamalat Indonesia, in SalaMuamalat telephone number 1500016, or Facebook / Twitter / Instagram PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia, Tbk.
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