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Consumer & Retail Banking

Shar-e Card from Bank Muamalat Indonesia for Ease of Transaction when Traveling Abroad


Overseas trips typically requires you to prepare for extra funds to anticipate unexpected expenses or if you should make payment transactions in a large amount. But carrying cash in large numbers makes traveling time less fun because you will most likely be anxious during the trip.


Access to funds that are easy to use or withdraw at any time while providing a sense of security when doing transactions abroad also become one of the commitment of services provided by Bank Muamalat Indonesia. Thus you can still have cash in hand to make transactions in smaller amounts, e.g. for transportation costs or simply tipping.


Gold Shar-e Debit Card and special edition Shar-e debit card for Arsenal football club lovers from Bank Muamalat Indonesia are two types of cards that can be used to perform various types of transactions while you are abroad. By having one or both types of this Shar-e card, you don’t have to worry anymore when any unexpected or emergency expenses occurs when you’re traveling abroad.


With Gold and Arsenal Shar-e debit card, you can check your balance and do cash withdrawals at any ATMs, as well as make payment at stores/merchants with Plus or VISA logo. Both types of Shar-e card can also be used to do any transactions at Bank Muamalat Indonesia ATM and any ATM Bersama network in the country.


Gold Shar-e Debit Card from Bank Muamalat Indonesia provides you with daily transaction limit of 10 million for combined cash advance and 50 million rupiah for transfers between Bank Muamalat Indonesia accounts. As for shopping transactions, Shar-E Gold Debit card’s daily transaction limit is 50 million in merchants/stores that accepts VISA cards.


For Sobat Muamalat who are also fans of the Arsenal football club, the added privilege of having a special edition Shar-e Arsenal card is the chance to get Arsenal's official merchandises or to watch Arsenal matches, live. Not only that, there are also shopping promotions that you can enjoy when doing transactions in certain supermarkets using both types of Shar-e cards.


Find out more information on the facilities, as well as daily transaction limit for Gold Shar-e debit card, Arsenal card, and regular debit card from Bank Muamalat Indonesia, on this link or you can consult directly to the nearest Bank Muamalat Indonesia branch office.


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