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Consumer & Retail Banking

Take Advantange of Various Discount Promo as a Step Savings in Shopping

Discount promotions actually bring benefits to you, the problem is how smart you are in managing these discount promotions in order to become an austerity step in shopping. you can take some steps in utilizing discount promos, of which are as follows:


Know the Existing Discounts Promo

Almost most promo discounts are not incidental, meaning that this promo is an annual program. Take advantage of discount promos like this by take a note about promo details such as what items are sold, then how many pieces, and how to use properly. This way you will easily match the needs with promo discounts that are or will happen.


Do not be afraid to try new stuff

You may already have your own standards about what you buy, but it's good that you open yourself to take advantage of new product discount promos that are released to the market. This does not hurt to try, even if the product is not in accordance with what you want next time you can still return to the product you normally use. But in this way you have made an effort to save money in shopping.


Calculate Well

Discount promotions sometimes make you excited in shopping, especially the discount is so big that easily tempt you to put more stuff and by the end of the day you increase the quota shopping. If conditions like this happen to you, you should refrain, do the calculate with both the needs and spending expenditure, so instead of saving money from this discounts , you are even more extravagant.


A real savings step is very important for you to do, in addition to do more efficiency in shopping, you can also use this money to open a saving in Tabunganku. Tabunganku frees you from administrative and comes with affordable fare, but it is also beneficial because you get a bonus from the funds that you save in Tabunganku.


To open the Tabunganku from PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia the fare is only 20 thousand rupiah for the initial saving, and 10 thousand for minimum per saving. With the TabunganKu, PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia educates customers about the importance of saving, especially for people who are just starting a fund-saving. Start a saving from your leftover shopping fund from using discount promo, so your funds more useful to the future.



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