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E-banking Muamalat; Easier Way For Zakat Payment



Every Muslim has an obligation to pay zakat to people who deserve to receive zakat, from the side of social economy, the tax system can also be interpreted as a form of contribution from wealthy muslims to the poor one. Zakat itself included in the pillars of Islam and become one of the important elements if you want to practice Islamic Shari'a like other worship such as prayer and fasting as detailed in the Qur'an and Sunnah.


Zakat itself is divided into two kinds, first is zakat fitrah. This kind of zakat is the obligatory zakat issued before the Idul Fitri in the holly month of Ramadan. Zakat fitrah is equivalent to 3.5 liters of rice or 2.5 kilograms, the selection of rice itself is related to staple food in the area and most of the Indonesian eat rice therefore zakat is counted by the value of rice. Then the second kind of zakat is zakat maal or zakat taken from income and has its own calculation.


Along with the development of technology, how the way zakat is managed becomes change. Now you pay Zakat more easily with E-banking facilities from Bank Muamalat Indonesia, so if you are struggling with hustle bustle of work, you don’t have to worry miss paying zakat. By utilizing E-banking Muamalat, you can monitor personal and business finances from all your Bank Muamalat accounts in 1 CIF (Customer Information File), besides you can also make transactions, including zakat payment, through this facility.


E-banking Muamalat is divided into three, you can select one of them to pay zakat according to your E-banking type, first choice is mobile banking Muamalat. It is an integrated application to conduct financial and nonfinancial transactions that operates 24/7  which includes Internet Banking, ATM / Branch location info, product info, call center 1500016, Qibla direction, prayer, Hajj, and Umrah. To pay zakat through mobile banking Muamalat, you simply download the application to your smart phone or tab then choose the zakat transaction menu in  Muamalat mobile banking application. For more about how to pay zakat through mobile banking Muamalat you can see here


The second option is to pay zakat through internet banking Muamalat, in this way you can transact electronically via internet access by using SMS Token which operates everyday 24 Hours a day. You can pay zakat easily, anytime and anywhere. For more info about registration and other info, you can get here


Last but not least, you can also make a zakat payment through a network of 1,978 ATM Muamalat throughout Indonesia. In addition to zakat, you can also make transactions for paying infak and shodaqoh too. More info can be found here


With E-banking from Muamalat, paying zakat is so easy that you don’t have to worry about miss the zakat payment anymore.


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