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Internet Banking for Browser-based Transaction Needs

Assalaamu’alaikum Bmers!


For those of you who already have a Bank Muamalat savings account, it seems incomplete if you have not registered with Bank Muamalat e-banking services such as Mobile Banking and Internet Banking. Both are online transaction services from Bank Muamalat to facilitate customer transactions. The difference lies in the platform that is used if the Mobile Banking is based on the application then browser-based Internet Banking. But this time we will discuss further about Muamalat Internet Banking.


Internet Banking registration is done first through Bank Muamalat ATM, after obtaining receipts and mpasscodes sent via the customer's mobile number, the next step is to activate through customer service branched at the local Bank Muamalat. Well, after that you can use the features available at Bank Muamalat Internet Banking such as transfer transactions, payments, balance information, and purchases, all of which you can use to facilitate your financial needs. Transactions can be done wherever and whenever according to your needs.


Next, make sure you remember your Internet Banking login id and password and store them in a safe place that you can access at any time if you forget. Because if you enter an Internet Banking ID and password incorrectly, your account can be blocked. What if it's blocked? If it has been blocked, you must reset your ID and password through customer service at the local Bank Muamalat branch office.


For more detailed information about the procedures for registration, requirements, features, and transaction fees through Internet banking, you can check here!





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