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Check out the following online security tips if you do frequent shopping online!

Assalaamu’alaikum Bmers!

In the age of technology that has developed at this time, certainly a lot of things are facilitated by these developments. One of them is the convenience of shopping, which in the current term is called online shopping. It's called easy because you only have to make transactions from home without the need to come directly to the store in question, besides that you only need your smartphone to make transactions in minutes.


However, in addition to being easy and comfortable, does shopping and online transactions also guarantee the security of transactions (especially buyers)? Well, here are some safety tips for customers in making transactions (buying and selling) online, among others:


1. Ensure computer and cellphone security

Cyber ​​crime does not only dwell on fraudulent online transactions, but also on theft of personal data electronically. Criminals can use phishing to steal customer data through malware or viruses hidden on a customer's computer or cellphone. Make sure the computer and cellphone are protected with anti-virus.

In addition, do internet banking transactions using a personal computer or home computer. If you do it from an office computer or other public computer, it can pose a risk of abuse from irresponsible parties


2. Be a smart buyer

The development of technology requires someone to be smarter in sorting and choosing which information is right and correct. As consumers who like to transact online, make sure to be aware of any actions that are suspicious. Don't be easily tempted by cheap price promos that don't make sense. If it is indeed less convincing, it will be better if you do not buy the item. Vigilance is the first step to protecting yourself. So, do not hesitate to find out the modes of crime of online transactions in order to be able to prevent this from happening to yourself and those closest to you.


3. Recognize Online Shop Reputation

(a) Do research on the website where you shop

These tips should be done if you shop on a website that you are not familiar with. Check the seller's phone number and contact them. Make sure that the web you are visiting is safe, which is marked with a padlock in the browser status status bar.


(b) Read carefully the website policy on your personal data. Do not get to the policy there are points that mention that the website manager may provide personal data to other parties. Also read the items refund policy. Because the items purchased cannot be seen physically, there must be a guarantee that if the goods sent are defective, you may send the defective item back and of course it will be replaced with new items or your money back. Please also check who pays the return of the goods


(c) Make sure if the place you choose has a good reputation. You can find out from the background of the online store to testimonials from previous customers. This is a basic point when you want to be safe and comfortable when shopping online


4. Payment through the Temporary Shelter Account

Another safe way that can be done when transacting online is to use a joint account or temporary shelter account. Currently online shopping sites enforce this in the payment system, where you will transfer money to the intermediary and then the seller will send your goods.


5. Choose the COD (Cash On Delivery) Method

The COD or Cash On Delivery payment system is a system where payments will be made when receiving goods from the shipping courier. So that when the item arrives, then you will pay it on the spot. This method is fairly safe, so you just pay for the goods when the goods arrive safely in hand.

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