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How to Register and Activate Your Muamalat Mobile Banking Service


Have you got yourself a savings account at Bank Muamalat Indonesia? Did you know that customers of Bank Muamalat Indonesia can now perform various syariah banking transactions directly from their mobile phones? Download the Muamalat Mobile app directly from your smartphone to enjoy the convenience of this facility, anywhere and anytime!


By becoming a customer of Bank Muamalat Indonesia, you only need to download the Muamalat Mobile application and then register and activate the service at a Bank Muamalat Indonesia ATM or at the customer service counter at any Bank Muamalat Indonesia branch office nearby.


The Muamalat Mobile application can be used by smartphone users with Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows Phone operating system platforms; and can be downloaded from Play Store, App Store, Blackberry World, and Windows Phone Store.


Below are some steps you need to do to register and activate your Muamalat Mobile application from a Bank Muamalat Indonesia ATM:

  • Type in the phone number of the smartphone you are using.
  • Input the secret password that will be used to activate the Muamalat Mobile banking service. Do not use passwords that are predictable, such as your birth date or a combination of it, your phone number, etc.
  • Enter the 6 transaction identification numbers (TIN), which will be used to authenticate every transaction activity you do. After doing this step, you will get a receipt containing the username to be used to perform the Muamalat Mobile banking service activation. This receipt can also be used as proof of your Muamalat Mobile banking service registration.
  • Activate the Muamalat Mobile application that you have downloaded by entering your username and password.
  • On the verification screen, type in the challenge code that has been sent via sms to the smartphone number you have registered earlier.
  • The last step of activation, input your smartphone number and ATM card number.


Not only is it easy to register and activate, Muamalat Mobile application also benefits you with features that records your transaction data, and ‘favorite’ feature to record transactions that you do most often. Muamalat Mobile banking is also practical, because you can provide proof of transactions you have made with other parties, directly through social media, e.g. transfer receipt.


In order to maintain an active Muamalat Mobile banking service transaction secured, you must maintain the confidentiality of your username and password so it cannot be misused by other parties. Also, make sure that you "log out" every time you leave the app.


The registration and activation process of Muamalat Mobile banking can also be done at the nearest Bank Muamalat Indonesia branch office or while you are opening a new savings account.


For Muamalat Mobile smartphone specification requirements, features, terms and conditions, as well as other information regarding the Muamalat Mobile application, please read  this link


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