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Just Received Your Holiday Pay? Instead of Splurging, Why Not Deposit?


In addition to refraining oneself from hunger, lust, and bad manners during the Ramadan month, refraining yourself from splurging your holiday allowance (THR) can also be quiet a test. Being prudent and wise about your expenses can be difficult if you don’t have that extra cash. But the long-term benefits of setting aside and saving the money we have, must also be thoroughly planned out.


Managing your finances well can benefit you in the future, or when you have unexpected expenses. Allocating a portion of holiday allowance (THR) and your monthly salary into a deposit is also one of the best forms of investment.


Sobat Muamalat, you can now entrust your long-term financial management to Mudharabah deposit account from Bank Muamalat Indonesia. This sharia banking service uses a profit-sharing system with profit-sharing ratio that is profitable for the bank and customers, and agreed by all parties at the beginning of the contract.


With a ratio or nisbah policy of which amount is greater than your savings value, or nearly 50 percent for the deposit placement, you will not have to wait for too long to enjoy the benefits of this Mudharabah deposit account. You can choose your own deposit term in accordance with your financial plan, starting from 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, up to 12 months. You can also use the US Dollar currency for your deposit plan, to get a better optimized result.

Another benefit from this account is that you can use your Mudharabah deposit account as a collateral for any Bank Muamalat Indonesia mortgage, pension or multipurpose financing application, should you be needing it at any time.


Bank Muamalat Indonesia’s Mudharabah deposit requirements are also made hassle-free. For an individual account, you only need to fill out an account opening form and prepare the following requirements:

- Copy of ID or driver’s license for Indonesian Citizen

- Copy of KITAS or KITAP, passport and reference letter for foreigners

- NPWP or related affidavit for Indonesian citizen (attached)

- Tax registration for foreigners (attached)


Mudharabah Deposit account can also be applied by companies, with the same minimum balance, which is Rp. 5,000,000 rupiah or USD 1,000. For non-individuals, other than completing the account opening form, there are other required documents that needs to be attached, such as:


- Deed of Incorporation

- Business license i.e. TDP and SIUP for business applicants

- Power of attorney for appointment of account management

- ID of the recipient and the assignor


For other terms and information regarding Mudharabah deposit account from Bank Muamalat Indonesia, you can visit our customer service department at our nearest branch office. Or you can also read more about it here 


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