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Eid Al-Fitr Time Shopping? Use Mualamat’s Shar-E Gold Card


Eid Al-Fitr  is a special day for Muslims aroud the world, on that day Muslims celebrate the victory after a full month of fasting. In Indonesia itself, Eid Al-Fitr , or so-called Lebaran, is celebrated by silahturahmi (visiting) to family, friends, and relatives. In addition, lebaran is also often used as a momentum to wear new clothes and give salam tempel or petty cash for younger family member. No wonder if the need increases when comes to lebaran, and many people have to provide a special time to shop for Eid purposes.


Sometimes, shopping for Lebaran become a challenge for most people. So many items on the shopping list, plus other monthly payments to be made at the same time. Not to mention sometimes there are impromptu needs that must be met, for that you inevitably have to bring a lot of money when shopping for the needs of Eid.


Bringing in excessive money certainly isn’t a wise choice, safety is one of the things you have to consider if you are carrying too much cash when shopping for the needs of the Eid. Especially, the fact that criminal case rises near the Eid Al Fitr. In order to make Eid time Shopping  more secure and comfortable, Bank Muamalat Indonesia presents you Shar-E Gold.


With Shar-E Gold from Bank Muamalat Indonesia you do not need to carry excessive amount of money because Shar-E Debit Gold Card can also be used to make a transactions in stores or merchants with VISA logo, both Indonesia and abroad (link to https: //


Having a Shar-E Gold card from Bank Muamalat Indonesia also brings other benefits such as Muamalat Berbagi Rezeki program, if you enrol for this program then you have the opportunity to get prizes, electronic banking transactions, and purchase subvention with Muamalat debit card (link to https: //


Not only to get ease in shopping for Eid needs, purchases subvention Shar-E Gold Muamalat Indonesia could save you some money after Eid time shopping. Open your Muamalat saving right away, and get your Shar-E gold card, now.



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