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Consumer & Retail Banking

Muamalat DIN: New Mobile Banking Application from Muamalat Bank

Alhamdulillah on November 14, 2019 Bank Muamalat officially launched a new mobile banking application called Muamalat DIN (Digital Islamic Network). The event took place at Muamalat Tower, Jakarta and was attended by the entire Board of Directors of Bank Muamalat.


The event has opened by Achmad K. Permana (President Director of Bank Muamalat) and continued with a demonstration use of Muamalat DIN by Purnomo B. Soetadi (Director of Retail Banking). Compared to previous versions of mobile banking, Muamalat DIN is enriched with the addition of features that are useful for monitoring customer accounts. Accounts that will be displayed on Muamalat DIN are all accounts owned by customers called a single portfolio view. Customers can also open new accounts online through the Muamalat DIN application. Refill Go-Pay and OVO electronic money can also be done through Muamalat DIN.




The security aspect of Muamalat DIN is more secure because of the biometric login and auto read OTP technology. Biometric technology makes it easy for users to log in using fingerprints and face ID. The face ID feature is available for iPhone X series and above.


Muamalat DIN can be downloaded via Google Play Store for Android operating system users and AppStore for iOS operating system users. Muamalat DIN can also be used by non customers of Bank Muamalat because there are Islamic content features such as the zakat calculator, prayer schedule and Qibla direction.




The User ID and International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number of the customer's smartphone are also recorded at the bank. So that it is safer from the practice of cell phone cloning. In addition there are various other interesting features such as QR Code, and push notification so that Customers get easy accessibility of products and services.


Lets download Muamalat DIN on the Google Play Store and AppStore and hijr your online transactions!


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