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Saving Lifestyle for Future Plan

We must be familiar with the term "Save the Rich". The term is proven not just a term but if applied in everyday life it will have a positive impact on aspects of our lives.

Along with the development of today's technology of course everyone will more easily access various information including information about various types of necessities of life. With the ease of information and access is certainly people can have a tendency to be more consumptive so this needs to be observed so as not to experience the term "Great Stake of the Pillar" which means greater spending than income.

To get around this is required a way of life that is more efficient and controlled so that each expenditure can be arranged more carefully. Self-saving means be careful in using money, goods and so forth, so it does not cause waste. Some ways that can be done to be more efficient include the following:

1. Fasting
Fasting is one alternative that is worth a try because it has been proven to have many benefits for both health and for our daily life, for example when fasting then we can save expenses to eat such as for 3 times to be only for 2 meals ie sahur and breaking . Besides fasting can also be closer to God Almighty.

2. Make a priority scale
By making the priority scale we can focus the most important thing to be bought or consumed so that things that are not a priority we can set aside to be more efficient in dealing with daily, weekly or monthly expenditure.

3. Create a monthly budget
Creating a monthly budget is very important to make clear monthly spending goals and. This means we lock total monthly expenditure in accordance with priority needs in advance with the amount we have set at the beginning so that expenditure becomes more controlled.
4. Avoid debt
With the increasing flow of technology and information about the various consumer goods at this time makes us tempted to be able to buy these items despite having to owe. This should be avoided so as not to cause swelling in the budget we have set.

5. Diligent saving
Saving is also a good solution for a life saver and needs to be set periodically. There is a saying "a little bit into a hill" can be applied with diligent saving. Think of the money we charge for saving like a "lost money" so that we are not tempted to take it except in a state of urgency. There are so many out there banking services that offer various types of savings so you just choose the type of savings that are in accordance with your needs.
For your own savings Bank Muamalat also has various types of savings in accordance with your needs. Information about Tabungan Bank Muamalat can also be checked here. The opening requirements of Bank Muamalat Tabungan is also quite easy that is by attaching the original ID card & NPWP and initial deposit of 100 thousand rupiah. Well mualai now you do not need to be confused again if you want to save.

So some ways that can be applied to be able to run a life-saving lifestyle for the future, hopefully the above explanation is useful for those of you who want to live frugally.

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