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New School Year Preparation Made Easy and Lenient with TabunganKu from Bank Muamalat Indonesia.


Next July, Indonesian students will enter a new school year. To prepare for it, there must be many needs that must be fulfilled by the children themselves and Sobat Muamalat as the parents, starting from paying tuition, buying school supplies, up to setting aside pocket money for the children. It would be so much easier if Sobat Muamalat can set up a special savings account to meet this need.


By creating a special savings account for our children, Sobat Muamalat can also teach them the importance of saving and being responsible for every expenditure they made, whether it is school related or for recreational purposes.


For Sobat Muamalat who has already become a customer of Bank Muamalat Indonesia, you can open a TabunganKu savings account straightaway. TabunganKu savings account has a simple and lenient application requirements, because you only need to include proof of identity as an Indonesian citizen to open a savings account. This proof of identity to be submitted can be in the form of a student card or certificate from a school that has work together with a school bank, followed by an identity card and a letter of approval from parents/guardian and a family card.


Why TabunganKu?

TabunganKu is a personal savings account from Bank Muamalat Indonesia that is free from administration fee, because there is no ATM card issued to the account holder. This banking service is not only affordable for children who have not yet have their own income but also for all circles of society because the initial deposit required to open a TabunganKu savings account is very affordable.


Sobat Muamalat only need to set aside Rp. 20,000 to apply for a TabunganKu savings account, which also becomes the minimum balance of your savings account. To make a deposit, you only need a minimum amount of 10.000 rupiah.


As a pioneer of sharia banking in Indonesia, TabunganKu from Bank Muamalat Indonesia also works based on the principles of Islamic sharia, in this case, using a Wadi'ah (deposit) contract. For this deposited fund, you will get a bonus in accordance with the provisions set by the bank. All the more reasons to save money, right?


Some other provisions that ensure the security of banking transactions of TabunganKu customers are cash withdrawals and book-entry that can only be done at the Bank Muamalat Indonesia branch office where the account is opened. While the minimum cash withdrawal limit is 100,000 rupiah.


To get more information about TabunganKu’s benefits and other account application requirements, Sobat Muamalat can go directly to our customer service department at the nearest Bank Muamalat Indonesia branch office or by reading this link


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