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Are you preparing for future needs? then you need to open a savings plan now

Assalaamu'alaikum Bmers!
Among you may already have savings both transactional and for future investments. Well, this time we will discuss about the savings plan. What is the savings plan? Savings plans are savings that are prepared for certain needs in the future. This type of savings is suitable to meet scheduled financial planning needs in the short term, for example for education, marriage, old age, and so on.

In a savings plan, the customer deposits a fixed amount of funds each month during the specified period. The duration varies from 3 months to 20 years. This period of time is adjusted to your needs.

Currently, Bank Muamalat also has a savings plan product! The name is iB Hijrah Savings Plan. So you can use the product to save your short-term planning funds. The conditions are quite easy, which is enough to attach your ID and NPWP.

In addition, you can get many benefits by opening a Hijrah iB Savings account. These plans include; light and affordable deposits, timeframes that you can specify, competitive profit sharing, free monthly fees, free auto debit fees, and you also have the opportunity to get attractive prizes!

Well, if you are interested you can come directly to the local Bank Muamalat Branch to open your planned iB Hijrah Savings account now. For more information about this product, click this link!
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