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How to Activate the Hajj and Umrah Savings in Bank Muamalat Indonesia

Assalamualaikum Muamalat buddy! This time we will discuss about how to activate Hajj and Umrah Savings in Bank Muamalat. Let's follow the discussion!


In addition to fulfilling the pillars of Islam, perform Tawaf, sa'i, and standing in the Plain of Arafat to win the pleasure at once reflect on the greatness of the Creator is the yearning that always exist in the hearts of Muslims.

Departing from this longing, Bank Muamalat Indonesia as the first Islamic Commercial Bank in Indonesia, would like to provide Islamic banking services professional for Muamalat buddy who wants to perform the pilgrimage, or umrah. Since 1999, Bank Muamalat Indonesia has been appointed by the Ministry of Religious Affairs to be one Beneficiary Bank Deposit Cost Hajj (BPS BPIH) so that its commitment to deliver Buddy Muamalat to the holy land have been tested.

Another advantage of the Hajj and Umrah savings Bank Muamalat Indonesia is saving systems that are already online with Haji Integrated Computerized System (SISKOHAT) belonging to the Ministry of Religion. Thus Buddy Muamalat has received confirmation of departure Hajj quota.

Ease Having a variety of Hajj and Umrah Savings Bank Muamalat Indonesia
By becoming one of the BPS BPIH, there are various facilities available for customers of Bank Muamalat Indonesia so that Buddy can Muamalat to practice in the holy land in peace.

Hajj and Umrah savings in Bank Muamalat Indonesia is an Islamic banking services that use Wadi'ah contract, which is managed in a flexible and practical. These savings can only be disbursed to finance the hajj or umrah. As for the closing is done before the departure of the pilgrimage there is an administrative fee of 50,000 rupiah or US $ 5.

Hajj and Umrah Savings Bank Muamalat Indonesia is a flexible savings, because Buddy Muamalat can select and adjust the amount of the deposit as well as saving time period according to the Hajj or 'Umrah packages available. The amount of money that has been determined is what will be debited automatically from savings Buddy Muamalat at a predetermined time. Buddy Muamalat also will not be charged an administrative fee and the cost of transfer of funds to the account of Hajj and Umrah.

To open a savings umrah and hajj Bank Muamalat Indonesia was Buddy Muamalat only require a minimum initial balance is 50,000 rupiah, or $ 5 if you want to make the deposit by the US currency. The documents that are required when opening a savings include:
- opening form,
- Copy of identity card (KTP / SIM or KIMS / Permits for foreigners),
- TIN.

In addition to flexible, Hajj and Umrah savings Bank Muamalat Indonesia is also practical because Buddy Muamalat not worry about lack of cash thanks to the Shar-E-gold cards for transactions at places that accept VISA cards.

Not only that, by registering your Hajj in Bank Muamalat Indonesia, pal Muamalat opportunity to earn bonuses on deposits and won a variety of souvenirs, supplies Hajj, Umrah even free each month!

More info about the terms of opening and saving advantage Hajj and Umrah Bank Muamalat can be read here. (Hyperlink to:

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