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Savings Plan Muamalat as a financial planning solution at the beginning of the year

The beginning of the year is the beginning for you to plan your finances in the next year. Developing a financial plan becomes crucial because it can provide benefits for managing your financial priorities for both short and long term goals. The short-term and long-term needs of each individual would be different because the opinions of each is also different. To arrange this you need to divide up any financial items you will use, for example for tuition fees, wedding expenses, worship fees, medical expenses, holiday expenses, and so forth.


To simplify it you can take advantage of one of savings products from Bank Muamalat namely IB Muamalat Saving Plan. IB Muamalat Saving Plan. IB Muamalat Saving Plan is a financial planning service that is managed in accordance with sharia principles. IB Muamalat Plans Savings account has a light deposit, ranging from 100 thousand per month with a range of time ranging from 3 months to 20 years so it is easier in managing the time required for your various financial needs.


With autodebet facility owned by Tabungan Rencana product, you do not need to make direct deposit to branch office or do manual transfer every month because deposit fund will be directly in debit every month from Bank Tabungan Muamalat main account to Tabungan IB Muamalat Your plan so that you no need to worry about forgetting to make regular deposit.


Terms to open the savings even this is very easy, at least aged 17 up to a maximum of 60 years. Jnagka time for savings this plan you can adjust starting from 3 months, 1 year, 2 years, and others up to a maximum of 20 years. Thus you will more easily manage the financial planning using IB Muamalat Savings Plan.


Let's register your savings plan at Bank Muamalat from now on!


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