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Bank Muamalat contributed to the trauma healing of Tsumani Pandeglang disaster victims


After the tsunami disaster in the Pandeglang area that occurred on December 22, 2018, of course, it left grief and trauma to the victims. The impact of this disaster included physical and mental health, especially for parents and children in nearby locations with damage to their homes and physical and mental conditions due to the disaster.


In this case, Bank Muamalat participated in helping post-disaster trauma recovery or trauma healing for tsunami victims, especially children through the Muamalat Car Achievement program (MPM) by visiting tsunami-affected schools in Pandeglang District, Banten.


The Mobil Prestasi Muamalat Program is operated by PKPU Human Initiative in collaboration with Kampung Dongeng Indonesia to provide educational entertainment for school children. Car achievements go around for 4 days (8-11 January 2019) and visit 8 locations affected by disasters around Pandeglang. The total beneficiaries of this MPM visit were 1,417 people.




Before the program was implemented, Bank Muamalat along with Baitulmaal Muamalat (BMM) had also distributed aid to tsunami victims centered in the Pandeglang and South Lampung regions worth Rp150 million in the form of clothing and food.


Furthermore, Bank Muamalat and BMM plan to provide more assistance in the form of community economic empowerment. The main target is small beachside traders whose businesses have been affected by the tsunami. The assistance provided is expected to be used as their initial capital to start a business again.


The above aid programs are a manifestation of Bank Muamalat's concern for others so that in the future it is hoped that Bank Muamalat will not only contribute to sharia economic progress but also can continue to contribute in humanitarian matters.

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