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Let's check the Calculation of Profit Sharing in Savings


Assalaamu'alaikum Bmers!


At the moment the Islamic Bank has been attached to our daily lives. Well, of course you are already familiar, even many have savings accounts at Islamic Banks. For savings accounts, there is a profit sharing ratio. Curious about how to calculate it? For more details, please refer to the calculation formula as follows:




Customer Profit = Average Customer Fund x HI-1000 X Customer Ratio (Nisbah)

                                               1000                                                            100


From the calculations above there are several terms including:



HI-1000 is a number that shows the investment returns obtained from the distribution of every thousand rupiahs of funds invested by the bank. (This number is subject to daily adjustments and can be checked directly through the Bank)


Ratio (Nisbah)

The ratio is the portion / portion that is the right of each party between the bank and the customer.


From the explanation and calculation formula for the results above, let's try to calculate it through the following example: For example the customer has a savings balance of Rp 100,000,000, - with HI-1000 of 6.58 and the Customer Ratio (Nisbah) of 5. Then the example of Calculation of Savings Sharing is as follows :


Profit Sharing = IDR 100,000,000,- x 6,58 x 5    = IDR 32,900 -

                                     1000                              100


So that the profit sharing of the customer's savings for 1 month is IDR 32,900 (Thirty-two Thousand Nine Hundred Rupiahs). Such is the calculation of Profit Sharing on savings, hopefully useful.


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