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Allocate Your Year End Bonus as A Future Investment Fund

Investment is one way to build a bright future ahead. Unfortunately in Indonesia, investment is still not too much ogled by many people. Though a lot of additional revenue such as end year bonus that can be allocated as an investment fund. You certainly want a better future, and investment is one of the keys.


Theoretically, investment is an accumulation of a form of aktiva or asset in order to get profits in the future. Sometimes investment is also a capital. There are various forms of investment ranging from property investment, gold, stocks, mutual funds, and deposits.


For a deposits, you can choose in the form of Rupiah or Dollars. The most famous investment in Indonesia is a deposits. Despite its convenience, this type of invesment also have small risks and profitable results. If you are interested to start investing in deposits, then Mudharabah IB Muamalat Deposito from Bank Muamalat Indonesia suitable so your choice to start deposit investment. Mudharabah IB Mumalamat deposits are syariah deposits in Rupiah and US Dollar which are flexible and provide optimal return on investment for you.


By using Mudharabah IB Muamalat Deposito, you will get the peace of mind because your investment is managed through syariah system with period of 1,3,6 and 12 month. Investment Deposit Mudharabah IB Muamalat from Bank Muamalat can also be used as collateral for financing if needed.


If you look forward for a various benefits from sharia investment, you can choose Mudharabah IB Muamalat Deposito from Bank Muamalat Indonesia. So let's use your year-end bonus moment as a first step for investment funding for a more secure future.



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