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How to avoid fraud under the guise of a bank

Assalaamu’alaikum Bmers!

Have you ever gotten product offers via social media / social networking on behalf of the Bank? Already convinced, who submits the offer is indeed a Bank employee?


Today, without realizing it, we like to spread Personal information from telephone numbers to family members' full names on social media. This information is used by parties not responsible for committing a crime mode.


Here are some ways you can apply so you avoid fraud under the guise of a bank:


1. Make sure personal data is not spread through social media

Nowadays social media has become a medium that almost everyone has. Every individual can publish anything through social media such as work, residence, hobbies, family photos and so on. But keep in mind that you need to maintain personal data such as residential address, cellphone number, office address and so on so that the data and information is not misused for fraud. Therefore, make sure there are no telephone numbers, ATM card numbers, or other Personal information related to financial / banking data that is disseminated through social media.


2. Be more careful in providing personal data and information on family members through social media

Just like the previous presentation, you also need to be more vigilant in providing your personal data including data and information about your family members, because it could be that your family members are targeted by fraudulent guise banks out there. We must be more careful in disseminating family member data / information on social media.


3. Do not easily believe if you receive a call from an unknown number to confirm the data

On various occasions fraudsters also do the fraud mode by calling your telephone number and claiming to be the bank to give certain gifts. But you should be more vigilant, if indeed the phone is unknown and suspicious should be ignored. Do not easily believe if you receive a telephone from an unknown number on behalf of a bank or other party to confirm data, ask for Personal data, banking data, or offer products and promise prizes that are doubtful in their truth.


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