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IB Giro Muamalat Saving for Your Business Needs

Choosing a system that is easy to run a complex business is a fortune for you. In addition to saving energy and time, a simple system will make your business run a little lighter. On financial matters, having a saving account in the form of a checking account or a Giro is one option you can take. The saving account may be owned by companies or individuals to facilitate the process of payment by check.


What is a check? Check is a written order as a means to make a withdrawal transaction in the form of cash or fund transfer. The advantages of having a current account included your money being more secure because the bank is responsible for the prevailing conditions. The current account or Giro also allows you to make transactions without having to carry large amounts of money.


Bank Muamalat Indonesia has IB Muamalat which is a giro saving service suited for your business needs. Through this savings service, Bank Muamalat Indonesia dedicate wadiah-based demand deposit products that provide convenience in transacting. Giro deposit is a means to meet the needs of non-individual customer business transactions supported by Cash Management Facilities.




Giro IB Muamalat has a nominal limit for clearing transactions using the scripts in accordance with prevailing Indonesian bank regulations. Based on PBI no. 18/41 / PBI / 2016 and SE BI no. 18/32 / DASP on bilyet giro, effective dated 01 April 2017, the maximum limit of checks and clearingable bilyet giro is Rp 500 million and the customer is required to provide sufficient funds in the demand deposit account or special account at least at the nominal value of check or bilyet giro that still circulate. Bilyet Giro (checks and bilyet giro) that have matured or if the checks filed to the bank doesn’t have enough funds  will be rejected by the bank and enforced as a blank check or bilyet giro.


If you have a Giro deposit of IB from Bank Muamalat Indonesia, you can get optimal profit, ease of customer liquidity arrangement, available in 2 currency types: IDR & USD, and cash management system (CMS) facility.


Do you start to think of making an IB Giro savings account from Bank Muamalat Indonesia? If the answer is yes, then here are the requirement to meet.

  • Deed of company establishment / basic budget / similar legal document
  • Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP) of the Company
  • Letter of approval from the ministry of justice
  • Identity Card of the Composition of the Board of business entities
  • Other legal documents required in accordance with the legal Business entity Form.


Go and open a Giro IB saving from Bank Muamalat Indonesia to meet the financial needs of your business easily and quickly.



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