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Things to Look for in Financial Planning in the New Year


This time we will discuss about Things to Look for in Financial Planning in the New Year. Let's refer to the discussion below!

The beginning of new year is the right time to reflect and prepare to face the achievement of the list of our future success. There are many things that have not been reached, and there are many things into consideration; such as limited resources, and risk factors in achieving these desires.
This time, Bank Muamalat Indonesia will discuss some of the factors that must be considered, to be used as a reference for planning a financial program.
1. Reflection, and then specify the target or financial resolution
To be able to move forward, you have to pay attention to our financial condition everyday. How to management, if enough what you need, or feel there is something missing? Seeing the condition of the financial estate is the first thing that must be considered as a determinant in making your financial resolutions guide.
Every individual must have a resolution, different resources, and scale of achievement are different, too. It could be this year, to be achieved is worship (Umrah & Hajj) link to:, open a business which membutuhan financing (link to, buying a home (link to, educational priorities, or also traveling with family (link to: It needs to be ensured is all the resolutions should be easily achievable and measurable.
2. Set and timescales
Of the resolution has been implemented, then you can only find out how much value to achieve it and how long you can achieve that goal. After that, you can anticipate the appropriate time needed finance. For example, by saving money aside every month (link to:, or obtain financing funds (link to so that resolution is achieved consistently.
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3. Build commitment, transparency, and trust
In realizing your financial resolution, required a high commitment to be able to achieve the maximum, according to the time period that you have set. If you apply the system to save each month, would be more quickly achieved if you are consistent and disciplined yourself. Do not let your guard down and do not reflect any implementation that you perform. In a small scale, you can discuss with your spouse or kelularga to look after each realization of a common goal. For those who have a business resolution, you can consult with experts or Financial Institution Bank Muamalat Indonesia
(Link to:
Similarly, a brief description of the things that must be considered in financial planning in the new year by PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia Tbk, may add to their repertoire with such explanations or information that assist the needs of Indonesian society in implementing Islamic banking activities daily. Get other information about Bank Muamalat Indonesia, in SalaMuamalat telephone number 1500016, or Facebook / Twitter / Instagram (link to Social media) PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia, Tbk.
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