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Blessing House Aid in Lebak Regency Banten as a Form of Distribution of Zakat Bank Muamalat and Baitulmaal Muamalat (BMM)

Assalamualaikum BMers!


Alhamdulillah Bank Muamalat Indonesia together with Baitulmaal Muamalat (BMM) had successfully held a ceremony for the Zakat Village Program in Ciladaeun Village, Lebak Regency, Banten on Thursday, August 29, 2019.

This program is a mandate from the Ministry of Religion through the Directorate General of Islamic Community Guidance in Decree Number 298 of 2018 concerning the Zakat Village Pilot Project in Disadvantaged Areas. Ciladaeun village was chosen as the location of the program because it was classified as a disadvantaged area. Most of the community's livelihoods are farmers in the gardens of others, so the people have a low income. Therefore, through this program Bank Muamalat and BMM will help build livable homes for the community around Desa Ciladaeun

In the ceremony, Bank Muamalat was represented by Compliance Director Andri Donny and BMM was represented by Executive Director Teten Kustiawan. Also present was the Lebak Regent Iti Octavia Jayabaya, Baznas Chairperson Bambang Sudibyo and Director of Zakat Empowerment and Waqf Ministry of Religious Affairs Fuad Nasar.


The event began with a hadroh performance from the Ciladaeun community, then the opening of the MC and a number of remarks. Next to the main event was the symbolic handover of blessing housing by Bank Muamalat and BMM to the Head of Ciladaeun Village. After that, all participants who attended the ceremony together visited the sample houses and went around to see the process of house construction.




In this activity, the Muamalat Achievement Car and the Muamalat Tattoo Removal Car were also deployed to the location. In the afternoon after the ISHOMA activity, the group visited the location of the Car Tattoo Remove that had attracted 20 registered residents. The last visit was to the location of Muamalat Achievement Car which is a mobile library program at SDN Lebak.


The series of activities in addition to channeling the company's zakat funds, is also a manifestation of the spirit of Bank Muamalat to contribute to the welfare of the community and as a tangible form of the #AyoHijrah campaign.




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