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Save Tips During Fasting Time

Assalaamu’alaikum Bmers!

The month of Ramadan is the month in which Muslims carry out fasting for 1 month. Ideally, during the fasting month, the expenses of Bmers should be more economical, but in reality it becomes more wasteful. For that Bmers need to get around this so that expenditure can be managed properly during the fasting month. Here are some tips:


  1. Limit iftar outside

Fasting month is often a moment for mutual friendship between relatives, friends, and coworkers. Often done by breaking the fast together, for example in a restaurant or a dining location that is currently present. This is certainly positive, but it needs to be examined more because if too often the Bmers expenditure will swell. It's good to open together this can be done for example at home by cooking yourself.


  1. Cook the menu for breaking the fast and the meal itself

One of the ways to save during the fasting month is cooking your own fasting and sahur menu. In addition to being more free in determining menu choices, Bmers can also be more careful in calculating meal costs for 1 month fasting so that it becomes more economical.


  1. Allocate mandatory costs first

In the fasting month there will be costs such as food needs, Lebaran needs, zakat and others. For this reason, Bmers should allocate at the beginning of mandatory costs such as zakat, almsgiving, money for parents and so on. If these costs have been allocated in the beginning, it will be easier to allocate other costs.


  1. List of Eid requirements and allocate the costs from the start

In addition to the mandatory fees above, of course there are other costs such as the need to buy new clothes, Lebaran cakes, envelopes for nieces and relatives and others. These costs must also be allocated from the start to avoid cost overruns.


  1. Don't be easily tempted by various online shop offers during Fasting

The momentum of Ramadan is also the right time for online shops to offer various discount promos for various types of goods. This is of course to attract the attention of the customer to buy the items offered. For this reason Bmers must be more careful and refrain from buying these items. Even though the discount is large, but if the Bmers don't control expenses for that, spending can swell. For online shopping bmers you can also use Bank Muamalat debit cards, and for Bmers discount promos you can also check various Bank Muamalat promos here.


  1. Make your own Lebaran cake

After 1 month of fasting Muslims also celebrate Eid al-Fitr which in our tradition is called Eid. Well, it feels incomplete if Lebaran without treats dry or wet cakes to be served during the hospitality moment. To save on this Lebaran cake expenditure, Bmers can make their own Lebaran cake, which God willing, of course is cheaper and more expensive than buying finished.


Well, that was the 6 thrifty tips during the fasting month. Hopefully useful and can Bmers apply while fasting! # Come on hijrah

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