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I wanna be a fire fighter Sir said Fajar.



On April 4, 2019, Bank Muamalat in collaboration with Baitulmaal Muamalat (BMM) and PKPU Human Initiative went directly to the Koja Scavenger Village, North Jakarta to carry out Volunteer Day.


This activity was attended by the Board of Directors and representatives of Bank Muamalat employees as volunteers at the event. The activity began with various remarks from both Baitulmaal Muamalat, PKPU Human Initiative, and Bank Muamalat President Director Mr. Achmad K. Pemana. After the following remarks, assistance was given to the local residents in the koja scavenger village in the form of mosque equipment and teaching and learning equipment such as carpets, study tables, blackboards, and the like.




In addition to introducing financial management from an early age, Bank Muamalat also helps complete learning facilities in the form of textbooks and educational games. The assistance came from donations from Bank Muamalat employees.


The program then continued with a fairy tale and a story delivered by a team from PKPU Human Initiative. The children in attendance seemed so enthusiastic and eager to participate in the series of events.


On the sidelines of the activity, Mr. Achmad K. Permana with South Tugu chief, Mr Sukarmin and volunteers also visited settlements in the area. The koja scavenger village as the name implies is inhabited by those who work as scavengers with revenues of around 50 thousand to 100 thousand rupiah per day. The area is far from suitable for living because there are scattered trash everywhere, but that's where residents connect to life.




The visit aims to provide motivation and support for residents and children around to continue to be enthusiastic in achieving their dreams and ideals. During the visit Mr. Achmad K. Permana met Fajar, a 9-year-old boy who told me that even though the child is a scavenger, he aspires to become a firefighter. The noble ideals begin with his bad experience when a fire occurs his house and neighbors were consumed by fire. From the story, there are actually a lot of children there who have the noble dreams and ideals they want to realize.




In the last session the volunteers were given the opportunity to play and motivate the children there. Some tell stories, help read, color, draw, and various other forms of educational games. Seen the cheerful face of the children as if it was a very rare thing for them.


From the series above, this activity aims to evoke a sense of humanity as well as a real form of corporate social responsibility towards the environment. Children in the scavenger environment are also expected to be inspired so that they are eager to learn and pursue their aspirations. Hopefully in the future Bank Muamalat can provide more useful contributions to humanity, the environment and the economy of the people. Aameen.





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