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Do This to Multiply Your Blessings During Ramadan

The month of Ramadan holds great significance for Muslims worldwide. Apart from being a holy month with various blessings, it is also the most appropriate time to engage in recommended worship.

As Allah SWT says in Al-Quran Surah Al-Baqarah verse 183,

"O you who have believed, decreed upon you is fasting as it was decreed upon those before you that you may become righteous."

Therefore, fasting and engaging in other worship during Ramadan can accumulate numerous blessings. Here are some recommended worship to engage in during Ramadan.


Ramadan fasting is one of the most crucial worship to be performed in this month. In addition to being one of the pillars of Islam, fasting has several health benefits and can increase faith.

During fasting, we must abstain from eating, drinking, and anything that can break the fast from dawn until sunset.

However, in addition to that, those who fast should also control their other desires, such as managing emotions, maintaining sight and hearing from things that are not good, and avoiding things that are prohibited by religions.

Five Daily Prayers, Dhikr, and Du'a

The five daily prayers are mandatory worship because they are the pillars of Islam. In Ramadan, these mandatory worships earn multiplied rewards. One rak'ah can be more blessed than a rak'ah in other months.

Additionally, after the prayer, it is recommended not to end it immediately. Continue with dhikr and du'a to make the prayer worship more optimal.

Hasten to Break the Fast

When you hear the Maghrib adhan, it is encouraged to break your fast immediately. Therefore, it is best to stop first to break the fast if you are on the way home from work or traveling for other purposes. It is even better if, before traveling, you have prepared drinks, dates, or other simple foods.

Tarawih Prayer

After breaking the fast, the following highly recommended worship is the tarawih prayer, which is performed after the Isha prayer. Not only do you earn rewards, but Allah will also forgive the past sins of those who engage in tarawih prayer worship.

The warm atmosphere of Ramadan is partly due to the congregation of tarawih prayers in the mosque every day.

Reading the Qur'an

In Ramadan, every letter of the Qur'an read is counted as one goodness. That is why this holy month is the right time to get used to reading the Qur'an because the rewards are enormous.

By reading the Qur'an, we can get closer to Allah SWT. Additionally, reading the Qur'an can increase our faith and piety towards Allah SWT, providing peace and tranquility in our hearts.

Giving Charity

Muslims give charity to purify their income. In Ramadan, rewards are obtained from giving charity, such as making someone more grateful for what they have, multiplying the blessings of Ramadan, and insyaAllah making it easier to enter heaven.

You can give charity in many ways, such as providing part of your income to those in need, filling the charity box at the mosque, or sharing food for breaking the fast with Muslims who are also fasting. Even now, giving charity can be more accessible through the Muamalat DIN application. You can give to charity anytime and anywhere, simply from your grasp.

By engaging in these worships sincerely and full of conviction, we can reap and increase the blessings of Ramadan. However, we must always remember our true intentions and goals: to obtain blessings and good fortune from Allah SWT in this world and the hereafter. May we always be under His protection, BMers!

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