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Tourism to Bangka Belitung: Unique Customs and Nature Ciamik Waiting

For you Nusantara tourism fans, where have you been on vacation? Bali, Jogja, Medan, Lombok to Raja Ampat in Papua may already be on your visit list, huh. What about Bangka Belitung? This place offers unique culture as well as charming natural conditions! Here are some things you can try when visiting Bangka Belitung.


Culture tour

What do we usually think about when we hear 'cultural tourism'? Watching traditional ceremonies? Local tradition? Bangka Belitung has a series of interesting traditions that may not be widely known. One of them is the 'Boang Jong' ceremony. This ceremony is usually carried out by some people of Bangka Belitung, namely the Sea Tribe. ‘Jong’ in the local language means a boat, and indeed that is what was done in this ceremony: throwing a traditional sailboat that has been decorated to the sea!


The Sea Tribe, which mostly works as fishermen, believes that the Buang Jong ceremony can provide safety when fishing. This ceremony is held at a people's party on Mudong Beach, which is in June and early July. Not only throwing a boat, during this ceremony there is also a bediker event which is singing accompanied by a tambourine punch and many other series of events.




In addition, there is also a Chinese tradition, Peh Cun. Peh Cun is a ceremony of respect for the disappearance of a prime minister named Qu Yuan (340 BC - 278 BC) on the river. The ceremony was held at Rebo Beach, on the 5th of the 5th month of the Chinese calendar by the Chinese community in Rebo Village, Bangka Belitung. The competition for children, entertainment for a single organ, and a meal with the residents of Rebo Village were held when the ceremony was held. Not only that, the thing that will grab your attention is the procession of releasing rice cake to Rebo Beach. According to local beliefs, this action will make the fish busy eating bacang cakes so as not to prey on the Prime Minister. Very unique, right?


Natural tourism

Not only interesting customs from Bangka Belitung, but also their natural beauty. Have you ever watched the Laskar Pelangi movie right? In the film there is a scene of the ma'am Muslim students looking at the rainbow on granite rocks. Beautiful location, right? It is the beach of Tanjung Tinggi which is one of the many beaches in Bangka Belitung. To get to that location it takes 45 minutes to 1 hour from Hanajudin Airport, Tanjung Pandan. Although the distance is not so far from the city center, it is still recommended to use a car rental service because of the limited mode of public transportation in Belitung.


Then are we only able to enjoy the beach there? Of course not, on the beach you can play water to eat beach food, while enjoying the charm of white sand and clear blue sea with granite rocks. All visitors are free to visit without having to pay for a ticket, just prepare money for accommodation and parking. The beautiful panorama of the beach stretches in Bangka Belitung not only Tanjung Tinggi Beach, there are also Parai Penggiri Beach, Pantai Tikus, Pantai Penyusuk, and many more.




Not only natural tourism around the beach in Bangka Belitung. Diverse landscapes make Bangka Belitung have a plateau like Mount Menumbing, with a height of about 355 meters above sea level. Besides being able to enjoy the fresh air of the mountains, there is also a place for Bung Karno and Bung Hatta to be exiled by the Dutch that you can visit. Inside this building there were items left by Bung Karno and Bung Hatta, such as a collection of photos, a meeting room, to an ancient car that had been used by Bung Karno. The entry fee is very affordable, only IDR 2,500 / person. If you are interested in visiting here, you should use a rental car and leave before 1:00 p.m. The winding road conditions pass through the beautiful forest of Menumbing Hill which may be quite challenging to cross when it's dark.


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