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Hajj Savings: One of the Best Gifts for Our Parents

It is very normal thing that every child around the world wants to make their parents happy. After years of raising and caring for us, as a child we might want to give something special to our parents. Even though their love and dedication to us are truly irreplaceable, seeing a smile on their face and knowing that they are proud of us can be a source of peace in our mind.


There are so many valuable gifts in this world we can give to our parents. But sending them to go on Hajj can be the best thing and very touching for them especially when it comes from their children. You can imagine how happy they are getting those gift from you!  Not only as a gift to your parents, sending our parents to go on Hajj is also a part of our worship in Islam.


But for some people the cost of going on Hajj is very expensive. But don’t be hesitate because you can apply to open Hajj savings as the way in realizing your plan to send your parents to go on Hajj. By opening hajj savings, you force yourself to be more discipline in savings while avoiding the possibility of unused savings for other things.


One of the hajj savings you can choose is iB Hijrah Hajj Savings from Bank Muamalat. The opening requirements are sufficient include the original identity card (KTP and NPWP). If you or your parents do not have any NPWP, then you can fill out an information form that available in your local Bank Muamalat branch office. The amount of deposit and time period can also be adjusted. You can make deposits at any time either through cash deposits via tellers, e-banking, or scheduled transfers (both daily and monthly) with a minimum of 1000 rupiah per day.


In addition, by opening iB Hijrah Hajj Savings from Bank Muamalat, you also have the opportunity to get a free Umrah gift. Who knows when your parents leave for Hajj you will also leave for free Umrah, masyaallah!


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