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Gopay & Ovo Can Now be Topped Up at Bank Muamalat’ ATM and Muamalat DIN

Bank Muamalat is now ready to provide the convenience of top up GOPAY and OVO at ATM of Bank Muamalat and Muamalat DIN.


The method is very easy as follows:

Bank Muamalat ATM:

  1. Insert your Muamalat ATM card at the Muamalat ATM:
  2. Select the language to be used
  3. Enter your ATM PIN
  5. Select "TOP UP / REFILL"
  6. Select "GOPAY" or "OVO"
  7. Enter your GOPAY or OVO account number in "REGISTERED mobile phone number"
  8. Enter "NOMINAL" then select "TRUE"
  9. Select "SAVINGS"
  10. Double check all the data that appears on the layer, if it is appropriate, select "YES"


Muamalat DIN:

  1. Login to application
  2. Select the “Pay & Refill menu”
  3. Select the “Ovo / Gopay” feature
  4. Input telephone number registered at Ovo / Gopay (you can choose phone no via phone book)
  5. Nominal input
  6. Confirm transaction that will be inputted by TIN Mobile Banking
  7. Confirm successful transaction by issuing a digital version of the transaction receipt


Your GOPAY and OVO balance has now been topped up.

Let's immediately top up / refill GOPAY and OVO at the nearest Bank Muamalat  ATM and Muamalat DIN! Feel the convenience!


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